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October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th and One Year to Go!

As you may know, one year from today, on October 13, 2018, the nation’s UST owners must have met a number of new Federal requirements. New compliance targets include:

  • Monthly walkthrough inspections,
  • Annual sump inspections and leak detection equipment function testing,
  • Tri-annual spill bucket and sump tightness testing testing, and overfill equipment function testing,
  • Emergency generator tanks must now do leak detection,
  • Class A/B and C UST operator training,
  • and a few more things.

UST owners have exactly one year to comply.

Except, not exactly.

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October 10, 2017

Lease Our New Class C Course

Want a price break on online Class C UST operator Training?

Have your own Learning Management System?

Need to integrate all of your employee training in-house?

With the release of the latest version of our online Class C UST Operator Training course, we want to remind our middle and large size customers that you can lease our course directly and run it on your company intranet. Chances are if your company runs and hosts a Learning Management System or LMS, you can save considerable time, money and resources through our lease option.

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October 6, 2017

See you at PEI/NACS in Chicago

Ben Thomas of UST Training will be headed to Chicago October 17-20 to attend Petroleum Equipment Institute at the NACS Show. Send me a text at 360-661-5497 and let’s connect!

And it’s not too late to register.

Ben is also honored to be moderating a session on Thursday October 19. Be sure to attend this important update on UST testing and fuel quality.

Fuels and Fuel Equipment
10:00 a..m. – 11:30 a.m.
McCormick Place Convention Center, S404

This fast-paced panel discussion will feature short updates from industry heavyweights and will allow plenty of time for you to ask questions. Key topics include the cause and cure for ULSD corrosion; the future of fuels; and essentials on two highly anticipated recommended practices revisions: PEI/RP900, Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems, and PEI/RP1200, Testing and Verification of Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment Equipment.

Joining the panel is John Eichberger, executive director of the Fuels Institute, Brad Hoffman, chairman of the PEI UST System Inspection and Maintenance Committee; Edward S. Kubinsky, Jr., chairman of the PEI Overfill, Release Detection and Release Prevention Equipment Testing Committee; and Manuch Nikanjam, Ph.D., P.E., fellow and consulting engineer, Chevron, and chairman, Coordinating Research Council Diesel Section.

October 6, 2017

Check Out Our Improved User Guide

UST Training is always looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience. So we worked with our host Coggno to make it easier to distribute licenses to users among your company account.

Now when you buy multiple licenses for your Class A/B or C UST operator, when you login you are prompted to:

  1. Create a Group (like A/B or C)
  2. Create  User
  3. Share licenses with a Group, or
  4. Share license with a User
  5. Buy more licenses

Check it out next time you log in.

September 29, 2017

What’s New with UST Training? Lots!

You’d think after three decades of service in the UST industry that there wouldn’t be much in the way of new and updating talking points. But here at UST Training, we’re always looking ahead to help Class A/B and C UST operators plus UST inspectors look to improve UST compliance and safety.

So what’s new? Lots!

  • New web page: We recently updated our web page. Check it out!
  • New Class C course: We made our awesome course even better.
  • New Emergency Response Placard: Suitable for posting at your dispenser. Download, print, fill out, laminate, post
  • New UST Regs Interpretations: EPA has published helpful interpretations of the new UST rules. Read more.
  • New Monthly Inspection Forms: PEI has been busy publishing and advertising the new PEI RP 900 document. Class A/B UST operators, get your new RP 900 forms here.
  • New Way to Look at the 30-Day Inspection. Ben Thomas of UST Training provides a great summary of the new 30-day walkthrough inspection rule.

Have something new the UST community would find helpful? Let us know!

September 14, 2017

Colorado 2020 Deadline Summary Now Available

The Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety’s UST Program has just published a great 5-page summary of the new UST rules that take effect 1/1/2020.

We’ve loaded the handout into our Colorado Class A/B UST operator training course so existing and new operators can login and get it under the Attachments tab.

You can also get a hyperlinked version of the document at the Colorado OPS web page.  (Click on “Every 3 Years”).


September 12, 2017

Check Out Our New Web Page!

UST Training is pleased to unveil our brand new web page! We’ve been working over the past year to improve how we deliver our training courses as well as our awesome UST resources library. Improvements include:

  • Easier to find your courses,
  • More searchable posts, news and events,
  • Improved layout for easier navigation,
  • Faster loading time,
  • More graphics,
  • More mobile device friendly,
  • Better explanations of how it all works,
  • More contemporary look and feel.

Check it out!

Feedback welcome!

Line Leak Video

September 6, 2017

Ever wonder what a small pipe leak looks like?

New 2015 EPA Rule Q&A Document

September 2, 2017

The US EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks continues to put out excellent technical assistance documents for the UST community. And now that state are starting to develop their own UST rules we are getting tons of interpretation questions.

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Rare fire during UST delivery captured on video

July 13, 2017

UST Training was recently shown amazing video footage of a fire that occurred during the filling of an underground storage tank at a convenience store.  Special thanks to Pat Vuchetich of Willams & Company for sharing it with us.

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