Last Call: Nebraska Training Deadline 12/31/15!

November 26th, 2015

NB logoA final newsletter reminder for the Nebraska Class A/B and C operators. The training deadline is 12/31/15. With the holidays between now and them, we strongly urge you get get signed up today. If you have any questions about training or the deadline, please contact us anytime at 866-301-8265 or

Or just register today:

New Musts for USTs Published

November 23rd, 2015

om-logo2One of the better technical assistance publications to come of out EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks  has just been updated to explain the new UST rules. Check it out!

Musts for USTs

This publication incorporates the 2015 UST requirements.

(EPA 510-K-15-001). November 2015.

This 36-page booklet summarizes federal UST requirements for installation, reporting, spill and overfill prevention, corrosion protection, release detection, walkthrough inspections, compatibility, operator training, repairs, financial responsibility, release response, and closure.


Ben Thomas Joins PEI RP 900 Committee

November 20th, 2015

rp900Ben Thomas of UST Training is honored to have been recently selected to join the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s RP 900 Committee. If you’re one of our Class UST A/B operators, you’ll recognize PEI’s RP 900 Recommended Practices for the Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems as major focus of our Class A/B UST training. We’ve been offering the inspection checklists found in RP 900 and have heavily referenced the standard in all our training starting in 2009. Since then we’ve offered these checklists to literally thousands of operators as a suggested way to stay ahead of the compliance curve.

Now the document is being amended in part to more consistent with the the new EPA rules. The Recommended Practice was first published in 2008 so the practices themselves predate the new Federal rules by a number of years. Starting in 2018 the new Federal rules will be requiring states to adopt monthly walk-through inspections, the backbone of RP 900. Changes to RP 900 will bring regulatory consistency for folks doing (or about to start doing) daily, monthly and annual UST inspections.

Ben Thomas is excited to bring his years of operator training experience to the committee to represent those who will use the standard the most: namely Class A/B and C UST operators. Ben is humbled to sit alongside a group of distinguished national UST experts to make this essential standard even better. Stay tuned for details.

Got a Veeder Root TLS 450?

November 20th, 2015

If you have Veeder Root TLS 450 tank monitor, you might find this user guide video very helpful. It was prepared by AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) the worldwide retailer of fuels for US Army and Air Force installations. It’s excellent if you’re a Class A/B or C operator coming up to speed on how to use the tank monitor. Also, if you’re a UST inspector, you might also find this video very useful in getting ready for a 450 inspection. Note this is only for the 450 and not the 450 Plus. Enjoy and thanks Robert Largent and the gang at AAFES!

Need a Spill Kit at your UST site?

November 19th, 2015

05-28b Spill Kitty Litter 1We’re seeing an increasing number of UST sites today that are outfitted with emergency spill response kits. But because a spill response kit is not specifically required in Federal and many state UST rules, it’s not something state inspectors are necessarily looking for. Meanwhile, many to most of the larger UST companies have had spill skits on-site, stocked and ready to deploy for many years.

If you don’t yet have a spill kit at your UST site, consider the following useful information provided by our good friends at the Vermont DEC. (more…)

Important note about Nebraska training coverage

November 19th, 2015

NB logoImportant Coverage Requirement: The State of Nebraska requires that each facility’s Class B operator:

  • Visit each facility at least once every week during normal business hours.
  • Be immediately available for telephone consultation with the Class C operator when a facility is in operation.
  • Be geographically located such that the person can be on site within two hours of being contacted by the the public, the owner or operator of the facility, or the State Fire Marshal.


Hawaii Class C Refresher Required Annually

November 17th, 2015

HI logoAloha Hawaii Class C UST Operators. This is a friendly reminder that the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) requires all Class C UST operators to be retrained annually. Retraining helps keep you sharp in the event an unforeseen incident like a tank overfill, leak alarm, fire or other UST hazard.

We’ve created this post because many Hawaii operators first got trained at the end of 2013 so we expect a number of Class C operators will need to re-certify right about now. And If you’re coming back for a refresher here’s how you do it in your account.

For a list of refresher requirements in other states click here.


Nebraska Class A/B UST Operators like our course

November 14th, 2015

Having trained 1000’s of UST operators over the last 12 years, I’ve noticed a pattern how an entire state deals with meeting a UST operator training deadline. This first happened when I led the nation’s first Class A/B course in Oregon in 2003. And Nebraska is another classic example of this start-to-end cycle today in 2015. Here’s what happens. (more…)