Illinois Class A/B UST Operator Training

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UST Training, in cooperation with TAIT Environmental Services, is proud to offer this course for training and certification requirements for Illinois UST facility operators.

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This online course is designed to train and certify Illinois Class A and B Underground Storage Tank Operators. This self-paced course allows the student to start and pause the training during its delivery. The course must be completed within 6 months of its start. The course utilizes visual aids and audio commentary to facilitate the efficient and comprehensive learning of the subject matter required to meet Illinois state regulations for an UST Class A or B Operator. At the end of the training, a 60-question exam will be administered The training course has been approved by the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM), as a means for gaining Class A and B Operator Certification. The training also satisfies the requirements for C operator certification for those operators who will perform the responsibilities for all UST operators.

Topics Covered

  • Class A, B and C Operator roles and responsibilities
  • Overview of UST systems
  • UST operator requirements
  • Release detection
  • Record keeping
  • Release reporting, confirmation, and corrective action

Learning Objectives

The overall objective is to educate the prospective Class A or B operator on the State of Illinois and USEPA Federal Regulations governing the operation of underground storage tanks. The course will prepare students to take our online Class A or B UST Operator Certification Exam.

Seat Time

Approximately 3 hours


There is a 60-question exam at the end of the course. Students are required to pass the evaluation answering a minimum of 75% of the questions correctly.

Course Completion

Upon completion of the course, a Class A and B UST Operator Certificate can be downloaded.



End of Course Instructions

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Illinois UST Operator Training and Certification Course. A Certificate of Course Completion can be downloaded and printed as documentation. Ensure that your certificate contains all appropriate information per respective fields.


“I had no problem with loading the presentation. My connection is average at best, but it presented no trouble. One odd thing occurred regularly. Every time I hit the “back” button to review the previous slide, the previous slide and the current one played simultaneously. It didn’t cause any real problem as I was going back only to take notes from the printed material, but you might want to look into that. (We are looking into this.) The content was very useful and it did prepare me for the test well. The exam took me less than a half hour to complete and was well presented. The attachments opened easily and were very helpful. Overall it was an excellent course despite the early glitches. I would definitely recommend this course to others and probably will as many of my fellow fleet managers are scrambling to meet to the deadlines. There I blame the OSFM for not having this prepared much sooner given the multiple year lead time they had.”
– Bill Manton; CFM Fleet Services Manager, Kinser Crane Service

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