North Dakota Free Class A/B UST Operator Training (ND DoH)

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The North Dakota Department of Health’s (NDDoH) Underground Storage Tank Program’s has developed a free online Operator Training course for Class A/B operators. The training is required for all facilities in North Dakota that have regulated USTs.

Each facility in ND must designate a Class A, Class B, and a Class C operator, with the exception of unattended “cardtrol” facilities which only need a Class A and Class B operator. All classes of operators must be trained on UST operations. However, it is only the Class A and Class B operators that are required to take this online training course or another course approved by the NDDoH.

The testing requirements for each class of operator are different. The Class B operator is required to have the most extensive training and will have enough training to be designated as a Class A, B and C operator. Training for the Class A operator is not as extensive as the Class B. The Class A training is intended for individuals that would like to learn more about the UST rules in North Dakota, but do not need the amount of training as a Class B operator.

If you have received a mailing from the NDDoH with your login information, click on the “Login to Operator Training” button. If you have not received a mailing from the NDDoH and need the UST Operator Training, click on the “New Operator Application” button.

If you experience difficulties logging in or need additional help, you may call a NDDoH representative at 701.328.5166

Class C: Purchase our state approved or accepted North Dakota Class C UST operator training course online for $12.95 per person.


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