New Employee Engagement App from our Friends at Coggno

May 25, 2018

As a Class A/B UST operator, how can you not only train your Class C operators, but change their behavior so they don’t miss a big problem? Is traditional training enough?

Imagine in this video that the office printer is a malfunctioning tank gauge. Imagine you thinking something wasn’t right. Imagine instantly alerting all your Class C UST operators via smartphones to be on the lookout for the problem. Imagine them responding immediately.

Welcome to the new world of Employee Engagement. Our good friends at Coggno, our trusted host of online learning since 2009, have launched a super cool mobile app call called EZZELY that makes your business more productive (profitable) by keeping employees empowered through knowledge and acknowledgement.

For many years, the folks of UST Training have been interested in motivational techniques, not just train, but alter what motivates people to comply.  The Ezzely app allows Class A/B operators to connect all Class C operators through mobile devices to reward good behavior (properly cleaned up a spill), discourage bad behavior (ignored alarm), train proper behavior (link to their online Class C course) and even measure employee activity. Check out these features and more.



Is this what happens when you’re trying to get the attention of your Class C operator about an alarm? You might want to try the new app system from EZZELY

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