Interested in selling online training courses? Check out Portable Web Shop

November 8, 2017

UST Training now has an exciting opportunity for companies who want to sell online training from their web page using an easy to install storefront, offering hundreds of online courses.

At UST Training, we’ve been leading the charge in online UST learning, due in part to our partnership with, who has hosted our courses since 2009. So check out the new Coggno Portable Web Shop.

Courses include:

  • Class A/B and C UST Operator Training
  • OSHA
  • SPCC Plans
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Confined Space
  • Many more

San Jose, CA – Nov 6, 2017 – Coggno, an online training marketplace and eLearning solution provider, announced the launch of it’s “ Portable Web Shop” which enables businesses and organizations to syndicate online training directly to their clients from the Coggno Marketplace.

Coggno Partners can access thousands of online training courses covering a variety of diverse topics, including sexual harassment, OSHA safety, healthcare, food safety, management/leadership, and specialties like underground storage tank training.  The Partners can paste a snippet of code that Coggno provides them with that will render an instant web shop onto the Partners’ website.  The Partners can then make these courses available for sale to their communities as well as receive a share of revenue every time a course is purchased, which enables them to provide an additional revenue-generating service to their clients without incurring any costs.

“The ‘Portable Web Shop’ provides our Partners with an almost instantaneous, out-of-the-box resource for providing training to their members and communities” said Tod Browndorf, CEO of Coggno. “Many of our Partners don’t have the technical resources to facilitate this functionality on their own, and we are able to provide it to them. It’s good for us and a tremendous resource to our Partners.”

Coggno automatically facilitates the transaction and revenue share for both parties via PayPal, and the ‘Portable Web Shop’ creates an online store that features the partners’ brand and identity.  The Coggno Partner Network includes professional employer organizations, human resource outsourcers, government agencies, business consultants, and many other organizations that provide a wide variety of business services to their clients

“The Coggno Portable Web Shop benefits everyone involved in the online training ecosystem,” said Browndorf.  “Our content creator partners benefit from increased exposure and distribution and our syndication partners can instantly offer revenue-generating online training to their customers without any investment, making this a true win-win scenario.”

Get a Coggno Portable Web Shop today, can send an e-mail to

About Coggno

Coggno is an online training marketplace and learning management system (LMS) that brings together content creators, HR organizations, and employees in a single, cloud-based ecosystem – enabling simplified training and certification anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive marketplace features thousands of high-quality training courses created by world-class training developers, and covers virtually all industries – including human resources, management, healthcare, safety, and many others. Coggno provides a “one stop shop” resource to meet all your specific education and training needs, and provides simple, efficient delivery via a robust LMS platform.

Coggno also offers a unique syndication model, enabling organizations to offer training courses directly from their website, providing an additional service to their customers and a new revenue stream for their business.  For more information on the Coggno ecosystem, please visit our website at:

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