Introducing Our New Feature: Live Web Conferencing and Training!

May 18, 2020

Want the convenience of online training but miss the familiar of live face-to-face classes? Now get both with our newest feature for our UST Training’s Class A/B courses. Our friends at Coggno have released Coggno Connect, that allows our users to use video conferencing to train. Check it out!

How does it work? Take our state-approved Class A/B courses via live webinar and you can train your entire team from any computer at home or office. Watch and listen all together, ask the instructor questions, interactive with others on your team and, best of all, use live video conferencing Coggno Connect, which is fully integrated into all our Class A/B courses.



What’s new and different?

  • Reach and collaborate quickly, hassle-free
  • Ability to create meeting rooms
  • Safe & secure connection
  • Add to your Google Calendar
  • Share your screens during meetings
  • Send group & private chats
  • Access your meetings on mobile devices

How does it work?

  • Group select time and date,
  • Users login and watch the 10 lessons live from home or work,
  • Ask questions, chat with peers, learn interactively,
  • Users then login and take final exam, and
  • Certificates automatically generated after passing exam.

What’s required? Internet, headphones or speakers, and web cam (optional but preferred). Works bets of desktop, laptop or tablet.

What does it cost? Here’s the best part. There is no extra cost for large groups. See us for details.

Want a live webinar for your team? Contact us by phone 866-301-8265 or and let us know how many Class A/B operators you have in mind and for what states and we’ll get back you you.



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