Why Use Us Instead of Other Options

We are pioneers in UST training. Hence the name. We were the first in the nation to train Class A/B operators with state approved content on June 25, 2003, in Portland Oregon. Since then we’ve been the first to train in Montana, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, US Virgin Islands, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Puerto Rico (in Spanish), Guam and Saipan (see above picture).

Our goal is to make you a better operator. Anyone can make a training course to meet certain standards but our goal is to go beyond compliance and always look for ways to make you a better operator. In all our courses we offer you hints, tips and practical advise at no extra cost.

We treat each customer as unique. Our customers come from all walks of life and have every type of UST system imaginable. We know everyone has a different situation and we strive to give each operator a personalized experience, whether you buy from us or not.

We can train one or 10,000. Based on our years of experience and our leveraging technology, we can literally train any sized organization: from a single Mom and Pop operator to a large national chain. We have the solution for you. We even have proven statewide training solutions.

We set industry standards. Many state UST agencies now use our popular Tank Savvy Minute videos to train new inspectors and a number of states also recognize our Class C worksheets as a statewide requirement. We also have decades of involvement with national and state trade associations, tank conferences and conventions, trade journals, technical webinars and workshops.

We love what we do. Folks often tell us they’re surprised at our level of enthusiasm when they call. In Jim Collin’s best selling business book Good to Great, we aspire to two critical ingredients of a great company: to be the absolute best in the industry and to be unapologetically passionate about we do.

We offer free regulatory support. Call or email us anytime or send us a picture of something you don’t understand. We love to troubleshoot. If your question can be answered in less than 5 minutes (98% of the time), it’s free on us.

We always call you back. We try whenever possible to return calls and emails within the hour and usually within 24 hours.

We have loyal customers. Many of our customers are long-term UST operators who like what we offer and word gets out. So we rely on attraction rather than promotion. We’re proud to have built our customer base on referrals rather than traditional marketing and advertising.



Ben Thomas, President

Ben has been working with tank operators, regulators, inspectors and service providers since 1986. He was first a regulator and since 2002 an independent consultant and senior trainer with UST Training. Currently he provides UST operators with motivational training throughout the United States. Ben lives on Whidbey Island, near Seattle, Washington. Learn more.

Matt McDowell, Design/Development/Marketing

Matt’s been with the UST Training team since 2011 and brings with extensive experience in web development, security, performance, accessibility, and SEO. When he’s not doing IT and marketing for UST operators, he provides freelance SEO consulting and website design & development services from scenic Whidbey Island, WA.

Kris Rodden, Customer Support

Kris has been the Technical Customer Support Director since 2017 and helps bring order to our busy office, plus keeps our customers well supported. Kris lives in Portland, Oregon and was previously a long time Whidbey Island, WA resident.

Kristen, Customer Support

Kristen joined the team in late 2021 to help with our increased sales and tech support activity and has been a huge bonus to the company. You’ll likely meet her on chat, phone or email. Kristen also lives on Whidbey Island, WA.

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