System Requirements: What computer equipment do I need?

Take our training on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. All you need is internet access and speakers or headphones.

I need training for multiple people. How do I share courses?


Training Kiosk enables you to purchase and distribute training to your employees.

  • Make your purchase, then select the Training Kiosk option
  • Enter the first and last names of your learners
  • Click Continue

Now all you have to do is:

  • Tell your trainee to go to, then click Login at the top right of the page.
  • Have them enter the same username and password you established when you made your training purchase.
  • When they log in they can find their name, click on it, and begin training.
  • For more information about administrative features of your Training Place, see the Training Place Admin tutorial:

What do I do if my credit card doesn’t work?

For help with payment processing, please email [email protected]

Where can I get a receipt for my purchase?

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a full receipt.

Do you take Purchase Orders?

We accept P.O.s for large purchases. Please email [email protected] for help with payment processing.

What states have approved UST Training courses?

For training availability, check our Class A/B and Class C maps.

What do I do if there is no training rule in my state?

Some states have rules pending and some have no rules planned. Check our State Regulations page for your state’s status.

What if I need training in multiple states?

It may not be possible depending on your state or states.

We offer expert consulting services to help guide you through the rules and offer you a comprehensive solution to meet training deadlines in a way best suited for your company.

Schedule a meeting with our expert staff and get the answers you need.

What if I need training and UST Training is not approved in my state?

We’ll be happy to recommend a trainer in your state. Email us at [email protected]

Username / Password

How do I get to my course / certificate?

Head over to our website at and click the Login button in the upper right. Enter your user name and password you created when setting up your account.

I lost my username or password. How do I reset it?

Go to and click the Login button in the upper right. Click “I forgot my password” and a new password will be emailed to the address used when setting up your account. If that doesn’t work, email [email protected] for help.


Where is my certificate?

Certificates are emailed to you after you pass the final exam. If you do not receive it:

  1. Check your email Spam or Junk folder. Sometimes certificates get routed there.
  2. Go to and click the Login button in the upper right. Login to your account. Then look for the gold star in the upper right corner and click ‘My Certificates’.

My certificate is not printing my name correctly.

Your name is printed on the certificate exactly as it was entered when the account was set up. To change the name on the account, log in, then click Settings in the upper right. Change the name. Then download your certificate.

Someone else’s name is on my certificate. How do I fix this?

Your account may have been set up incorrectly. Email [email protected] for help.

More Certificate help:

Study Guide / Final Exams

I am having trouble downloading and viewing the study guide.

  • Do you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer? If not, follow this link to download it, and try again:
  • Is the file downloading into a download folder somewhere else on your computer?

I took the course but didn’t take the exam immediately. I would like to take the exam now – how do I get to it?

You can take the final exam at any time after you complete the course. If you have applied for and received a state grant you must pass your test before the grant expires. Also, the longer you wait the harder the exam may be, so consider taking the exam shortly after the webinar.

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Login
  • Enter your username and password and select the exam.

Training Kiosk / Multiple Users

How do I train multiple people under one account?

A Coggno Training Kiosk account enables you to purchase and distribute training to your employees without the need for them to use email addresses or establish credentials, perfect for mid size organizations, and a great way to provide training quickly and easily to workers without email or to part-time staff.

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to enable your own Coggno Training Kiosk account on Coggno.

I have a Training Kiosk account. How do I add more users?

Add users by clicking on the Add New User button, then click Continue.


The new user will be taken to their account, where they can start the course.

To add more users, click Home to go back to the main page.users_2

Add as many users as you need, up to the number of licenses you have available.

To delete a user, simply click the red X.


Now, your trainees can login using your username and password, click their name, and start the course.

How do I purchase additional licenses?

To purchase additional licenses, you must be logged in as the administrator for your Training Kiosk account.

Once you’re logged in as the administrator, under Actions click on Buy More Licenses. When you complete your purchase your licenses will be applied to your account.

How many licenses do I have left?

If you have a Training Kiosk account, first enable administrative features.

Login to your account, then click the Licenses tab. There, you can get a quick view of your licenses and reporting of results.

I have multiple locations. How do I organize my Training Kiosk users by location?

Once you have enabled administrative access, first log in to your account, then click on your name.

If a master password is set, you need to use it to get into admin backend.

Click on the locations tab, then create your new locations from which your learners will choose.

Once locations are set, learners will see a drop down menu when they login from which to choose their location, and find their name. If no locations are set, no drop down screen appears.

The system remembers your learner’s location and returns them there after they first login.

Administrative Features

How do I setup administrative features for my Training Kiosk account?

Video overview:

To setup administrative access, first log in. Then click Settings > Actions > Change Master Password. Enter a password you’d like to use as an administrative password.

Now each time you log in you will be prompted to enter your Administrative or Master Password.

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