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May 25, 2018

New Employee Engagement App from our Friends at Coggno

As a Class A/B UST operator, how can you not only train your Class C operators, but change their behavior so they don’t miss a big problem? Is traditional training enough?

Imagine in this video that the office printer is a malfunctioning tank gauge. Imagine you thinking something wasn’t right. Imagine instantly alerting all your Class C UST operators via smartphones to be on the lookout for the problem. Imagine them responding immediately.

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A Good Read About the History of the UST Program

May 23, 2018

Check out this lengthy but well researched article about the life and of the (leaking) underground storage tank program:

CHARLTON’S ‘DIRTY LITTLE SECRET’: The Long Haul for Clean Water by Alejandra Ibarra Chaoul

May 10, 2018

Lots of Live Classes in 2018

We’ve been super busy this spring gearing up to provide live classroom training throughout the Pacific and Western states. Plus we’re attending a number of cool UST conferences this year.

Interested in attending? Sign up below, And feel free to share this schedule with UST professionals who might benefit from these live classes and events.

Indian Country

Indian Country Class A/B UST Operator Training
Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, WA
May 16, 2018
Open to all tribal UST operators. Register Now. Seating Limited

Tribal Summit Membership Meeting
Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, WA
May 17, 2018
Ben will discuss the 2018 deadline for Indian Country UST operators and how to motivate operators to comply.

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Someone needs operator training

April 30, 2018

Here’s a story about why UST operator training is important. And a lesson on how not to dispose of unwanted fuel in Georgia.

Arrest made in recent diesel spill

April 27, 2018

August 1 Class A/B UST Operator Training Live in Honolulu

Aloha Hawai’i Class A/B UST Operators:

As you probably know, Hawaii DOH is updating their UST regulations. There are many changes that may affect your facility. Ben Thomas, nationally recognized UST training instructor, is coming to Hawaii this summer to provide a live Class A/B course, pending sufficient enrollment. Are you interested?

This is a great opportunity to attend a classroom style training which is not normally available in Hawaii AND take an approved program that will specifically teach the Hawaii regulations right after it becomes effective July 15, 2018.

Course: Class A/B UST Operator Training with the new UST regs.
Date: 8/1/2018, 9 AM to 4 PM
Location: DoubleTree by Hilton, Naupaka Room, 1956 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96815
Cost: $300/person
Includes: Explanation of the new rules. Free technical and regulatory advice about your particular UST site.

DOH UST inspectors are welcome to attend.

If you’re interested, learn more or just register now. Seating is limited.

Ben is attending the NISTM 2018 Hawaii Storage Tank Conference the day before on July 31, so maybe he’ll see you there as well.

April 26, 2018

30-Day Walkthrough UST Inspection Forms Now Available

Starting October 13 of this year, many states will now require for the first time an ongoing 30-day walkthrough inspection. And the remaining states either already require the periodic inspection or will make it mandatory shortly.  And like with many things in the UST world, each state has a slightly different form to document proof that the inspection was completed. So if you’re UST operator in many states, where do you get all those forms?

In order to help Class A/B UST operators nationwide, we’ve created a list of all states with 30 Day Walkthrough Inspection Forms. Follow this link, find your state, and download the form or forms you need. The first thing you’ll notice is that lots of state forms aren’t there. Yet. If your state is not on the list, stop by for updates as we will be adding forms as they become available. In case we missed one, and if you know of another state form out there, please let us know and we’ll update our list.

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April 9, 2018

Tips for Planning 2018 UST Work

October 13, 2018: The date by which many state UST agencies require additional testing for many UST facilities throughout the US. For thousands and thousands of Class A/B UST operators, this will be the first-time tests for spill buckets, sumps, overfill equipment and more. This also applies to all Indian Country USTs nationwide.

Some things to consider as you look at your 2018 calendar and budget:

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Tank Savvy Minutes Now on Vimeo

April 5, 2018

UST Training’s Tank Savvy Minute videos are now on another video sharing web page: Vimeo. We’ve had some feedback over the years that some UST operators don’t have access to our Tank Savvy Minutes because of office restrictions on YouTube. So we decided to publish them on Vimeo as well. Share with your friends and feel free to embed the videos on your own page to train your Class A/B and C UST operators.

Welcome to Tank Savvy from Ben Thomas on Vimeo.

Wanted: Video Testimonials About UST Training

April 4, 2018

Attention Class A/B and C UST Operators – We’d love to hear what you like about UST Training. And a video testimonial would be awesome!

So grab your phone or computer and take a brief video of yourself or a friend and share what you like best about us. Then email it to or upload right to YouTube.

The winners will posted on our web page and get some awesome prizes. Deadline is April 30!

April 2, 2018

UST Training Returns to Guam and Saipan in June

Hafa Adai and great news for our Pacific Island friends in Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. Ben Thomas of UST Training is coming back to provide live Class A/B UST operator courses this June. UST Training has provided training to all the Class A/B UST operators in 2012, 2014 (CNMI only), 2016 and now again in 2018.

Refresher training is required every two years, even if you took the class in 2016. So sign up today! Here’s the schedule. See you soon! Register before May 1 and save $50/person.

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