Need Lots of Class AB Operator Training?

February 2, 2024

We’ve seen a growing interest in companies needing large scale solutions for Class A/B UST operator training. We know it takes significant organization willpower to manage lots UST systems, and here at UST Training we have a number of options available to help you stay in compliance on a large scale basis.

And you may not know it but if you buy 15+ Class A/B licenses, your training costs are cut in half.

And remember: licenses never expire, which makes bulk purchases a great long-term option.

The following features of our Class A/B training may be a good fit for you and your organization.

  • Statewide Solution: Have an entire state to train? Our existing systems allow us to not only train but verify an entire state or territory of UST operators.
  • Multi-State Solution: Have tanks in multiple states? We have multiple-state solutions.
  • Incentive Program: We now offer a sponsorship program where you can purchase large numbers of licenses upfront and distribute them to your members as needed.
  • Bulk Discounts: We offer a great discount program for greater than five, greater than 10, and greater than 15 licenses at a single purchase. After 15+ licenses per purchase your cost is 50% off.
  • Licenses Never Expire: buy now, use anytime.
  • Team Accounts: if you buy two or more licenses, you automatically get a complementary team account structure that allows you to manage dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Class A/B operators.
  • Unlimited Groups: You can manage large numbers of trainees by organizing your team into any number of groups. Easily train your team, even across multiple states. Need your managers to have access to some groups but not all? It’s easy to assign admin access wherever needed, at no additional cost.
  • Share Licenses: Buy ahead and save! Even though staff turnover can make buying training a moving target, we can help. Our pooled seats feature makes it easy to use the same purchased licenses across multiple groups. Choose the team account option when buying for multiple states, and separate groups are created automatically. Bulk discounts automatically apply, and licenses never expire.

And what about Class C training?

If you have lots of class C operators who need training, we have an excellent licensing program. Learn more here.

Whether you need one or 1000 licenses, we are happy to talk with you about what solution is best for you. We treat each individual customer as unique and will help you find the best and most cost effective solution that is available today.

Contact us for a free consult at 866-301-8265 or [email protected]


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