Friday Tank Savvy Talk is Back!

January 5, 2021

Friday Tank Savvy Talk is Back!

We’re back and ready to talk tanks in 2021!

Drop in for this weekly 60-minute live video chat on Zoom with UST Training’s Ben Thomas and hear about what’s going on with USTs in light of the Coronavirus. It’s free! Watch and chat from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone with a camera and mic. No experience required.

Starting January 15, 2021:

Every Friday, 10 AM Pacific Time

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We want you to:

  • Get comfy with video conferencing,
  • Feel connected by chatting with your peers,
  • Ask questions about UST management affected by COVID-19,
  • Share your concerns and successes about balancing UST Compliance and the Coronavirus.

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January 4, 2021

Class A/B in Hindi Now Available in Texas

Another first in the world of UST Training: We are excited to announce we have launched the nation’s first Class A/B UST Operator Training course narrated in Hindi for our Hindi-speaking Texas UST Operators.

We recognize the landscape of convenience store operators has changed over the past decade and many of our customers come from diverse backgrounds and speak a growing number of languages. So it makes sense to offer our nationally recognized course in a language that is common to the सुविधा की दुकान (convenience store) world.

Check it out!

We’ve teamed up with Javed Surani, President of Your Environmental Specialist in Beaumont Texas, who helped translate the course into Hindi. Javed’s father, Jalaluddin, who is a convenience store operator, provided the voice talent.

Feedback from our first users of our Hindi-narrated Class C course:

“I enjoyed the pictures and videos. Great visuals. The Hindi made it easy for me to understand the training. Learned so much!”
“Detailing and material is nice”
“The Class C Hindi Operator training is amazing! I learned more in the 30 minutes than I have ever learned while working at gas stations for the last 20 years!”

Want more information?Contact us at 866-301-8265 or [email protected].


December 10, 2020

More Free Training in Iowa in 2021

UST Training is pleased to announce our grant program has been renewed in by the Iowa UST Fund so we can continue to provide free Class A/B UST operator in 2021 to all qualifying UST operators in Iowa.

How it works

If you own or operate a UST system in Iowa and have never been a certified Class A/B operator before:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account, add course to your account
  3. Start training

It’s that easy.

Feedback in 2020

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Tank Savvy Minute COVID Edition: Train Your Team at Home

December 10, 2020

If you’re stuck at home due to COVID and need to catch upon things you normally don’t have time for, or if you have a team working remotely and need them to brush up on UST compliance, consider a bulk purchase of our Class A/B UST operator training courses.

Here at UST Training, we want you to use this time to get ahead. We’re always looking for new ways to stay safe during COVID and stay tank savvy. We hope this offer provides both. Click to learn more about team discounts.

Good for the following:

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December 7, 2020

Free UST Training in Arizona a Big Success

It’s been only two months and our free online Class A/B and C UST operator training in the Grand Canyon State is off to a grand start.

UST Training, though a contract with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), has begun providing free training to qualifying AZ UST operators.

Since October 7, 2020, we’ve signed up over 145 Class A/B operators and over 220 Class C operators. Our goal is to have trained Class A/B and C operators at every single one of the 2,000+ Arizona sites by the end of 2021.

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November 30, 2020

USTs by the Numbers Nationwide

We like to think of ourselves as “big picture” people in the world of UST compliance through savvy education. Because we offer training coast to coast (literally, and beyond –from Guam to the US Virgin Islands) we like to look at national UST trends.

As a Class A/B UST Operator, you might want to know where you stand when compared to the rest of the nation.

Here’s a summary from EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks Performance Measurements dated 9/30/2020 and covers the previous year. For the full report today and previous times, click here.

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November 24, 2020

Need the definition of any UST term? Click here

Shear valve? Automatic Tank Gauge? Ball Float Valve?

Are you a Class A/B or C UST operator who’s come across words you don’t understand?

If you need help defining a piece of UST system related equipment, the PEI Wiki can help. It’s free and easy to use

The PEI Wiki:

Enjoy, learn and share.

November 23, 2020

What Sets Us Apart From Other UST Trainers

Every day we help folks like you be the best UST operators they can be. We recently received this question from UST operator Lorri Bye on our website live chat, read below. We’re happy to help anyone who needs a quick UST answer!


LiveChat conversation transcript:
Name: Lorri Bye
State: Minnesota
Ben Thomas (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:24:08 am America/Los_Angeles)
Hello, do you have any questions about UST Training?

Lorri Bye (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:24:50 am)
We have a TLS-350 and I”m wondering if we can run tank gauge reports from a previous date or if it only gives us the current information?

Ben Thomas (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:25:49 am)
Hi Lorri.

Lorri Bye (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:26:10 am)

Ben Thomas (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:27:36 am)
Hit <mode> until you get to diagnostics ….there’s a whole bunch of test history results there.

Ben Thomas (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:28:17 am)
This would include alarm history, leak test history etc.

Lorri Bye (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:28:30 am)
Ok great! thanks

Ben Thomas (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:28:47 am)
Just make sure to hit mode and get your screen back to all functions normal. At the end

Lorri Bye (Fri, 11/20/2020, 08:29:11 am)
Will do, thanks.


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