What Being Tank Savvy Means

December 11, 2022

Over 11 years ago we started using the word Savvy as a way to describe what we wanted you –the UST operator– to be. It started with our nationally viewed YouTube series Tank Savvy Minute, moved onto stickers we give out at trade shows (“I’m Tank Savvy”), helped you move through Covid-19 with our “Stay Savvy Stay Safe” campaign and now describes our new improved training platform LearnSavvy.
But did you know that our favorite word Savvy is a noun, adjective and a verb?

Savvy as a noun: shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments.

“The tank owner had the necessary environmental savvy.”
Similar: shrewdness, astute, sharp-wittedness,, intelligence, wit, canniness, common sense, discernment, insight, understanding, perceptiveness, knowledge.

Savvy as an adjective: shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment.

“Bob is a savvy tank veteran who knows all the tricks.”

Similar: shrewd, astute, sharp-witted, sharp, acute, intelligent, clever, canny, perceptive, on the ball, smart, streetwise.

Savvy as a verb:  know or understand.

“Charley would savvy what to do.”

Similar: realize, understand, comprehend, grasp, see, know.

So as we move into 2023, thanks to all our new and long term customers, friends, associates and allies who remain Savvy with us.

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