Are you Tank Savvy?

March 3, 2020

Over the many years we’ve spent training Class A/B and C operators, we’ve been lucky to work with many tank operators who go above and beyond what’s required. These operators all have one thing in common: they want to learn all they can, and be the best operator they can be.

We like to call these operators Tank Savvy.

We’ve drawn on the experience and lessons learned by these operators to create our top-rated training courses. So if you’ve taken our Class A/B or C UST training, you are automatically Tank Savvy!

Being trained by UST Training means you are more than just a certificate holder. This means you:

  • Take pride in your work,
  • Know your job is an important part of keeping people safe,
  • Work hard to stay in compliance and avoid fines and downtime, and
  • Are part of a top-shelf team of UST operators who go beyond the basics to be the best operator you can.

What do you do to stay Tank Savvy? Let us know and receive a discount on your next training purchase.

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