Buy Bulk Class A/B, Save 50%

February 15, 2024

If you have a large number of Class A/B UST operators in one or more states, or if you have high Class A/B turnover, consider purchasing in bulk and save 50%.

It’s easy:

  • Select the number of Class A/B licenses (normally $150 each) that you need from our 34 approved state courses.
  • Be sure to select the Team Account option when you checkout.
  • Discounts per license are automatically applied at checkout:
    • 5+ saves $25 each
    • 10+ saves $50 each
    • 15+ saves $75 each
  • Once purchased, your new unassigned “blank” licenses are instantly added to your team account, ready for immediate use.
  • Assign names to your licenses whenever you need.
  • Unassigned licenses never expire and are 100% transferable.

Example: Fred oversees UST compliance in 5 states at 20 locations. Based on his estimates, he thinks he’ll need 20 Class A/B operator licenses in the coming year. Fred buys 20 to cover 20 locations. Normally the total price is $3,000 but now it’s $1,500. Fred can now assign licenses to new hires as needed and he tells his boss he just saved the company $1,500 on the upcoming yearly training costs.

How do I assign training to my UST operators?

You don’t need to know upfront the names of the individuals needing training. Just a general idea of numbers. You can buy and save now, then assign anytime.

Do UST Training licenses expire?

Your team seats never expire, so you can use them now or anytime. You might know that you’ll be hiring new operators, but with team seats you don’t need to know their information in advance. Once assigned, your operators will have a full year to complete.

Are team seats available for both Class A/B and C?

Yes, team seats and bulk discounts are available for Class A/B and C training courses.

If I have UST systems in multiple states, do I need to buy training for certain states?

Team seats can be shared between different states that sell at the same retail price. This means you can save across all states you need training in.

(And if you’re in Florida and Texas, lucky you, these states already qualify for discounts! Additionally, for FL and TX, bulk discounts kick in after 15+ licenses, just as with all other states.)

What’s the difference between single accounts, team accounts, and invite codes?

In addition to bulk discounts, a team account lets you assign training, track progress, access certificates anytime, generate reports, and receive alerts when refresher training is due (if required in your state). You can also add other account managers (group leaders) to your team account, to delegate administration duties.

Invite codes also qualify for bulk discounts, but don’t include any of the management features of team accounts.

Single accounts are just that, a simple account for just one person needing training, and bulk discounts are not applicable.

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