Look for our Tank Savvy Logo

October 17, 2023

In 2012 we introduced the idea of being Tank Savvy to the UST industry through our free online training videos on YouTube. (See what we mean by being Tank Savvy.)

In 2023 we begin adding the “I’m Tank Savvy”  logo to all of our certificates of completion and state Class A/B course Study guides, and you’ll be seeing it appear it in all our training lessons going forward.

Here at UST Training, we just don’t provide you with the opportunity to complete training to secure certificates to meet the minimum state requirements. We provide you inspirational, motivational content, plus our expert advice, to make you the best operator you can be. Basically, to be Tank Savvy.

And a special thanks to the over one million UST operators we’ve trained online since 2007, as well as all the folks we’ve provided live training to over the years. Your ability to be top notch operators is our greatest measurement of success. Overall we are seeing a national decline in UST violations, leaks and spills. We want to think we’ve done our own part to make things safer for America’s precious drinking water supplies.

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