The UST Program Turned 35 on December 22

December 21, 2023

If you were new to the underground storage tank (UST) universe, you might not know that December 22 is an important day on the pollution prevention calendar. Thirty five years ago, in 1988, EPA adopted national Underground Storage Tank regulations that would transform how we manage fuels underground and protect millions of Americans from being impacted by polluted drinking water supplies.

Check out the milestones of the UST program nationwide.

Ben Thomas, President of UST Training, is proud to have been a part of this industry since even before 1988. Ben oversaw the removal of leaky USTs in Vermont in 1986-87 and went on to help the State of Alaska get through the December 22, 1998 national UST upgrade deadline. Over the last 25 years, Ben has dedicated his efforts exclusively to pollution prevention, including networking, sharing ideas, education, and just helping people understand why managing UST system safely makes good business sense.

Likewise, many Class A/B and C UST operators, state, federal and tribal regulators, as well as service providers have all done their part to make this one of the most successful environmental programs to date. Here are some of the successes based on your efforts.

A mighty thanks to you all. Here’s to another 35 years of success!


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