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March 15, 2021

AZ UST Reporting Is Going Paperless this Spring

Attention Arizona Class A/B UST operators: UST Reporting Coming Soon to myDEQ

Register for a myDEQ account today and soon you will be able to:

  • Easily submit a variety of UST documents online
  • Receive confirmation emails and reminders so you don’t miss a deadline
  • Access your facility information on one dashboard
  • Securely log in to the myDEQ portal at your convenience, 24/7

Click Here to Learn More & Register >

March 14, 2021

Live Florida Class A/B

Ben Thomas of UST Training will be providing a one-day only live Florida Class A/B UST operator training course in Orlando, Florida on Thursday, July 15, 1:30 – 5:30 PM at 2021 Sunshine Expo at the Orlando World Center Marriott. Sponsored by the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association, an authorized resellers of our online courses. Learn more here.

This is a one-time chance to get live Florida from nationally recognized trainer Ben Thomas. Stop back in for updates. Registration coming soon!

Questions? Please contact [email protected].

March 11, 2021

US EPA Region 10 Resource Library

Further Resources for US EPA Region 10 Advanced UST Inspector Training
March 17-18, 2021

Thanks Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho UST inspectors for attending the NEIWPCC-sponsored webinar. Please feel free to use these helpful videos and national testing standards and add them to your own UST resource library.

Lesson 1: Containment Sump Testing

  • Dri-Sump Testing
    Unique and patented method using fog and lasers. Literally.

Basic commercial video but helpful
Fogging the sump
Failed Test results

  • EPA’s Low Liquid Level UST Containment Sump
    Testing Procedures
  • RP1200: Testing of UST Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment (2019 Edition)

C-4 Containment Sump Integrity Testing Hydrostatic Testing Method
C-4-A Containment Sump Testing Low Liquid Level Test Method
C-8 Liquid Sensor Functionality Testing

Lesson 2: New Tank Monitors: How to get reports

  • Veeder-Root TLS 450 Plus
    The black Veeder Root console with touch screen. There are 13 one-minute videos on various topics done by Ben Thomas on his Tank Savvy Minute video series.
  • Veeder-Root TLS-450 Plus
    A brief sensor reports video done by Veeder Root
  • Veeder-Root TLS-450 Plus
    A brief review of Environmental Regulatory Reports done by Veeder Root.
  • Veeder-Root TLS 450
    How to operate the briefly available gray Veeder Root console with touch screen. Done by AAFES
  • Veeder-Root TLS 350
    The old standard Veeder Root console with buttons for navigation. There are 10 one-minute videos on various topics done by Ben Thomas on his Tank Savvy Minute video series.
  • Franklin EVO 550
    The silver console with touch screen. There are 16 one-minute videos done by Ben Thomas on his Tank Savvy Minute video series.
  • RP1200: Testing of UST Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment (2019 Edition) C-7 Automatic Tank Gauge Operation Inspection

Lesson 3: Spill Bucket Testing

  • RP1200: Testing of UST Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment (2019 Edition)

C-3 Spill Bucket Integrity Testing Hydrostatic Test Method Single- and Double-Walled Vacuum Test Method 

Lesson 4: Overfill Prevention Equipment Testing

  • Overfill prevention device testing
    By Commtank. Pretty basic but helpful for the big picture
  • RP1200: Testing of UST Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment (2019 Edition)

C-5 UST Overfill Equipment Inspection Automatic Shutoff Device and Ball Float Valve

C-6 Overfill Alarm Operation Inspection


Any questions or comments please contact [email protected] or 360-321-4776

March 9, 2021

Statewide Solution for Class A/B UST Operator Training

UST Training, Inc. can offer your state UST program an alternative to your existing online Class A/B UST operator training at no cost to your agency. Based on our years of experience training UST operators nationwide, in conjunction with our efforts helping numerous UST agencies, we can create, launch, run, manage and report online training for your entire state. The goal of this proposal is to reduce leaks, spills, accident, and ignored alarms while improving UST operational compliance through high quality and motivational training.

How it would work

  • UST Training creates a state-specific Class A/B course.
  • Your agency reviews, comments, edits and approves content.
  • UST Training launches the course online and charges users.
  • UST Training manages all aspects of the program, from tech support to final certification.
  • Your agency places a link to the course on your web page and promotes the course.
  • UST Training provides certificates, and user progress reports to your agency.
  • UST Training makes changes to content as needed at no cost.

Want to discuss how we can offer you a statewide solution? Contact Ben Thomas at 360-321-4776 or [email protected]


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March 9, 2021

Ben Thomas Joins LUSTLine Editorial Board

Ben Thomas of UST Training was recently granted the honor of joining the newly formed editorial Board of LUSTLine, the oldest UST/LUST newsletter in the US. The new Board consists of many of today’s UST experts in the prevention and cleanup of leaking underground tanks. The Board basically replaces the decades-long efforts of LUSTLine’s former editor Ellen Frye. Ben Thomas has been a contributing writer for many years and wore his first NEIWPCC “Lust Buster” commemorative t-shirt way back in 1986 when he was overseeing UST removals in Vermont.

Get the most current edition and back issues here.

So look for more great articles to come from NEIWPCC. Have an idea for a newsletter article? Drop Ben an email.


March 9, 2021

Our Tank Savvy Videos Posted on Jalopnik

We were surprised and pleased to learn that a few of our Tank Savvy Minute videos were mentioned on the popular auto web page Jalopnik.

I Finally Looked Up Why Gas Pumps Sometimes Run Slow And It’s Not What I Thought

“But the one slow flow cause that I found really interesting was a tripped leak detector. When the leak detector uh, detects a leak, it will trigger a slow flow condition, which ideally will result in a customer notifying someone at the station that there’s something wrong. Here’s Ben again in an absolute 10/10 Popcorn classic Tank Savvy Minute:

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March 8, 2021

Don’t Let This Be You: UST Violations Can Include Shut-Down

The US Virgin Islands… it sounds like paradise…unless you’re a Class A/B UST operator there and get banned from receiving fuel due to numerous UST violations.

According to the Virgin Islands Daily News, March 5, 2021 “Three One Love Service Station locations on St. Croix are barred from receiving fuel delivery because the company failed to abide by safety regulations, according to a statement issued Thursday by the V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources.

According to DPNR, its enforcement officers identified several violations at One Love stations, including failure to register tanks and obtain a permit to operate an underground storage tank system, failure to secure financial responsibility and coverage of insurance, and failure to obtain Class AB Operator certification training from a DPNR-approved source.”

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Good Class A/B operators know to get correct training; know about pollution insurance, and know about operating permits. Don’t wait to get shut down to learn about proper management of your UST systems. Learn more about Class A/B training today and what steps you can take to avoid serious violations.


Great UST Video for Beginners

March 3, 2021

Hello new Class A/B UST operators. We came across this great video prepared by OPW,which explains in very easy-to-understand terms what parts make up a UST system. Any person new to the world of USTs will find it very useful. And special thanks to OPW for all the great convention events we’ve attended over the years.

Any questions about UST parts? Contact us anytime at [email protected] or 866-301-8265

March 2, 2021

What to look for when reviewing online UST training courses

Normally I write posts about what our customers — UST operators — should consider when shopping for the best online training experience. But this time I thought I’d help UST government agencies know what to look for when evaluating or auditing Class A/B and C UST training options.

Back in 2003, when I started doing live classroom training in Oregon, it quickly became apparent that my course, while dutifully explaining the UST rules in painstaking PowerPoint detail, wasn’t landing well with the audience. Questions I kept getting:

  • What does “L4 fuel alarm” mean?
  • How can I tell what method of leak detection I’m using?
  • How can I get ready for a compliance inspection?
  • What do I do with oily spill bucket water?
  • Exactly what records must I keep?

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February 26, 2021

PEI RP 900 Open for Public Comment Through April 19

Hello UST Community:

The Petroleum Equipment Institute’s Recommended Practice RP900: UST Inspection and Maintenance (2017 Edition) is now open for public comments through April 19, 2021. This document is used by many states as the standard for the 30-day walkthrough inspection and we here at UST Training have been promoting this document in our Class A/B training courses since 2008. Ben Thomas of UST Training is on the RP 900 Committee and would love your feedback to make a great document even better.

The public comment period will end at the close of business on Monday, April 19th, 2021. If you have any suggestions to revise the document you must submit a comment during the official comment period via the on-line portal.  To submit a comment, you will need to go to the RP-900 web page and click on the Comment Now button.

Please inform your colleagues and industry friends that the review of RP-900 is now open.

If anyone has questions or needs further clarification please reach out to Scott Boorse of PEI at 918-236-3975 or 610-513-6542 or [email protected]