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October 13, 2020

Win Big Prizes! Stop By Our Booth at the PEI Virtual Convention

Stop by out virtual booth at the 2020 PEI Virtual Convention and Expo and win big prizes:

Daily drawings, winners every day!
Free online Class A/B or C UST Operator Training!
Artisan adult beverages from Kentucky, Napa Valley and Whidbey Island

Yes! Register me to win! Just email us today!


October 10, 2020

Oregon Fuels Association has a new look

The Oregon Fuels Association (OFA) has a new look. Check it out!

UST Training and OFA have been working for many years together to help Oregon Class A/B and C UST operators stay in compliance with UST regulations.

Consider joining today

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Confused About Leak Testing? Let Us Explain

October 8, 2020

Class A/B UST Operators must by law be informed about a seemingly endless number of leak tests at a UST system. Some test are for tanks, some for piping. Some inside the tank and pipe, some outside. Some are pressure tests, some static. And each test has a different detection rate: 0.2, 0.1, 3 GPH…how to keep it all straight?

Ben Thomas of UST Training has lectured hundreds of classes over the years and seen the confused look on operator’s faces. And near as he can tell, there is no one source that compares all the different types of tests.  So he created this simple 4 minute video to explain. Want to be Tank Savvy? Click and learn!

October 7, 2020

Attend This Year’s PEI Show Virtually Nov. 10-12

Attention Class A/B UST Operators. For the first time ever, you can attend a world class petroleum equipment trade show and not even leave your home or office. How? By attending the PEI Virtual Convention and Expo November 10-12!

Cost of admission is only $125.00 for members as well as non-members.

Due to COVID 19, this year’s normally scheduled live show in Las Vegas will be 100% online. And the best part: no travel, no air fare, no long lines. Imagine walking down a huge virtual hall and stopping at whatever booth you want and speaking with UST experts in real time! Want to:

  • Learn about the latest UST technology?
  • Meet tank monitor and spill bucket experts?
  • Attend workshops by industry experts?

Then mark your calendar and register today!

And make sure to stop by our UST Training booth and say hi to Ben and Tammy and Matt.

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Our Arizona Class A/B and C Courses Now FREE

October 6, 2020


  • Arizona Class A/B and C UST Operator Training is now FREE courtesy of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).
  • Classes are self-paced and 100% online. No more travel!
  • Free for all operators of USTs regulated by the ADEQ who are employees of the UST owner’s company (excludes third party contractors).
  • Fast, easy, and convenient. Computer, laptop and tablet-friendly.
  • Brought to you by the national UST experts at

Get started today

How it works

  1. Determine how many training licenses you need (Class A/B or C or both).
  2. Select number and type of licenses.
  3. Setup individual or group account when you checkout.
  4. For group accounts: assign licenses, start training
  5. For individuals: start training

What if I don’t know who needs to trained as an A/B or C operator?
Easy. Contact us to help you decide. Call 866-301-8265 or email

What do I need to start?
Just a computer with Internet and speakers. Learn from home or work.

I’m super busy at work. Can I start and stop anytime I like?
Absolutely. Fit the training into your work schedule by pausing anytime.

How long does it take?
Class C training can be done in about 30 minutes. Class A/B takes a bit longer: about 3 hours.

Do I automatically get certified?
Yes, once you pass the final exam (80% or better) you can print your certificate of completion.

Are the course approved?
Our Class A/B course is approved by the ADEQ and our Class C course meets all the ADEQ requirements.

Can I train as many people as I like?
ADEQ wants everyone trained equally so ideally you should train at least one Class A/B and all Class C’s per individual UST location.

What if I get stuck or have questions?
We have tech support standing by during normal business hours to help get you unstuck.
Or call 866-301-8265 or email

September 30, 2020

EPA’s National UST Systems And Releases Web Map

(Note: An important new and free tool from EPA for UST operators, service providers and regulators.)

Dear UST Industry Partners:

First, I hope you and your families are remaining healthy during the ongoing pandemic.  I send my best wishes for your continued safety and good health.  Because of Carolyn Hoskinson’s recent departure, I am serving as OUST’s Acting Office Director, and I look forward to continuing our collaborative work and keeping our environment safe from underground storage tank petroleum releases.

I am writing to tell you that you can now access UST Finder, EPA’s national underground storage tanks (USTs) and releases web map application, via EPA’s GeoPlatform  See the quick start guide and user manual in the application.  You can also access UST Finder via EPA’s UST website where, in addition to a link to the application, you can read a 2-page document with more information about UST Finder.

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September 18, 2020

Please Help Oregon’s McHenry Family & Pump, Pipe & Tank

Our friends Ryan & Addie McHenry and three generations of the McHenry family at Pump, Pipe & Tank in Talent, Oregon have suffered catastrophic losses in the unprecedented Alameda Drive Wildfire that continues to ravage much of Southern Oregon. Their offices, shop, computers, tools & vehicles and home were all lost in the fire this past week.

Please consider joining Mascott Equipment Co. in a show of support for this small family business and fellow PEI member with a donation. There is strength in numbers, we appreciate your generosity.

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Meet Carolyn Hoskinson: The Nation’s Top Voice of Underground Storage Tanks

September 17, 2020

Ben Thomas of UST Training recently interviewed Carolyn Hoskinson, outgoing Director of EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) and asked about her 14 years of service to the UST community. A great national perspective for UST operators and inspectors alike.

September 15, 2020

What Our Customers Love About Us: Convienence

There’s many things our customers love about our online training but time and again, the word convenience seems to shine through the most. See what our valued customers have to say.

Want convenience and a quality training experience? Learn more

What did you like most about our online Class A/B UST Operator Training Course?


They kept it simple, to the point and kept my attention
9/3/2020 9:19 PM

The best thing about this course is it is self paced, and you can take it as many times as needed.
8/24/2020 2:00 PM

Very informative new information for me.
4/1/2020 2:14 PM

I could stop and allow me to fully digest the information before continuing to the next lesson.
2/6/2020 1:25 PM

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September 14, 2020

Free Arizona Class A/B and C Training Coming Soon

Big news for the Grand Canyon State: UST Training has been awarded the contract from the Arizona DEQ to provide free Class A/B and C UST Operator Training to Arizona UST operators. We’re still working out the details but will be soon offering online self-paced and live webinars this fall and live classroom classes in the spring of 2021.

Any questions please contact us at or 866-301-8265.