Bulk Discounts

Buy more and save! Train your whole team and get a discount. Manage your group and get reports at no cost.

Not sure who on your team needs training yet? No problem. You can buy seats now, assign later, and SAVE BIG!

Class C Discounts

Number of Class C SeatsDiscount

Class A/B Discounts

# of SeatsPrice Per Class A/B OperatorSavings Per Class A/B Operator
1 $ 150.00 
5+ $ 125.00 $ 25.00
10+ $ 100.00 $ 50.00
15+ $ 75.00 $ 75.00
(Example: 10 Class A/B licenses usually cost $1,500. Buy 10 Now for $1,000 and save $500!)

Note: Bulk discounts start at 15+ licenses in $99 Class A/B states.

Benefits of Team Accounts

Still not convinced you need a team account? Benefits include:

  • All your company-wide training in one easy-to-manage location
  • Your Team can be organized into Groups (sort by class type, site location, or state)
  • Each Group can have its own manager
  • Group managers can buy more courses and assign Seats (Users)
  • Group managers can setup multiple Groups and track Seat/User progress and get certificates and run reports