Class A/B UST Operator Feedback

July 3, 2017

Every so often we go through our course feedback and see what folks think. Here are some kudos to share from our satisfied Class A/B UST operators over the past year.


Well organized training with good information.

Thank you. excellent information and well detailed.

Excellent course!! I would highly recommend this to anyone working with any type of UST systems.

I had to quickly take over the A/B Operator role for my facility after our outside vendor went out of business. This course was just what I needed. I’m much more comfortable taking on this responsibility, I understand my equipment more than ever now. I am grateful we can access this course anytime in the future for reference or a refresher. I know I’ll need it! Thank you.

Great Class. Very informative and professional. Thank you



Very well done course. Felt engaged with the lectures.

Overall very good! Much better than some other online courses I recently took. The man speaking actually knows what he is saying, not a mere voice actor. Thanks for that. (BT note: Thanks for noticing!)

Very nice course. Very well laid out, easy to understand and comprehensive.

Straightforward and to the point. I enjoyed the course and being able to take the modules in and out over several days worked around my busy schedule!



Informative. Helped to minimize risks and maintain USTs/paperwork for inspections.



Training was excellent and very easy to follow.



With the course being designed to cover a wide range of UST tanks and monitoring systems I found it to be very complete and understandable. (posted almost 2 years ago)



This is a very good course for those new to UST’s and contained good information for those of us already familiar with them.\\



Excellent training, the test really challenges you to demonstrate what you learned.

A good comprehensive course



Great course. Very informative and challenging. Ben was great too. I’m hoping to find some more courses I can use.

I was impressed by the thorough nature of the classroom content, I’ve been pumping fuel for 35 years and I learned alot from this course.


West Virginia

Very organized and valuable training material!

A must for anyone. Should be required learning for all about our natural resources and how to protect them.



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