New Jersey Class A/B (by NJ DEP + ICC)

Note: Starting in January 2018, the NJ UST rules will have been adopted, limiting the choice NJ UST operators have for Class A/B training. There will only be one, two-part training option: Training through Rutgers University plus an ICC final exam. Therefore, our previously offered National Class A/B UST operator training course is no longer valid.

Instructions to take the New Jersey Class A/B UST Operator Training

To become a Class A or Class B operator in New Jersey, a person must attend a class administered by Rutgers University and pass an International Code Council (ICC) examination. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to to read summary of requirements.
  1. Sign up for, attend and complete an online class class here by clicking on NJDEP UST Training for Class A & B Operators – Online Course.
  1. Register and pay for the exam by either calling 800-275-8301 or going to and creating an account. Make sure you sign up for the Class A/B Operator exam. The cost of each exam is $85.00/person.
  1. Once completed, follow your company procedure for submitting a copy of your certificate of completion.

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