New EPA Sump and Spill Bucket Testing Updates

June 20, 2018

This just in from EPA: It should help Class A/B UST operators get ready for the new testing deadlines.

Dear UST Colleagues:

As many of you know, we developed questions and answers (Qs & As) to clarify implementation issues regarding the 2015 underground storage tank (UST) regulation, and we posted the Qs & As on the EPA UST website in a Technical Compendium.

We recently added two important updates to the compendium’s Spill buckets, under dispenser containment sumps, containment sumps category. They cover:

  • Annual Walkthrough Requirements for Sumps.
  • Containment Sump – Alternative Test Procedures – ADDED – Low Level (hydrostatic) UST Containment Sump Testing Procedures at facilities where EPA is the implementing agency(including a sample compliance record/form).

Go to

Click on “Spill buckets, under dispenser containment sumps, containment sumps,” and scroll down to appropriate Q&A’s.

Please contact me with questions, and/or other feedback.

Thank you very much.

Tony Raia
Director, Release Prevention Division
Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office Number: (202) 566-1021
Cell Number: (202) 567-1647

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