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July 12, 2023

Why Us and Not Other Options?

Here, UST Training, we try to make our UST content interesting, relevant, and engaging. We think we are the number one choice in the industry, but don’t take it from us: see some recent feedback from our Class A/B UST Operators regarding what they like about our training.

  • Well organized and explained with great visual aids.
  • Easy to follow and very informative.
  • I liked that it was at my pace and that I could go back and review lessons. At time it was hard to get time without distractions and I was able to go back with out losing information.
  • It was easy to understand. I was terrified I wouldn’t understand or pass the course. I started and was able to understand and follow along nicely. I didn’t even have to use my study guide. I was able to retain the information during the exam. Wonderful job.
  • I like the way the course was very clear and easy to understand the content. Ben Thomas spoke to us the way a regular person would.., no tricks.., very informative.
  • It made me realize how much I didn’t know about our fuel system and how important my role in the organization is to ensure that my staff and I are adequately trained and knowledgeable about the system.
  • The lessons and pace were very simple and convenient. The explanations of different technical elements of UST systems were well thought out and very clearly explained.
  • I like that it was just very straightforward, had good examples, and Emphasized common issues. The format was easy to digest, easy to follow along with the audio. I also chose your company since you’re not some giant national company. I really like the ability to start and stop lessons at my own pace, especially since I had to balance it with other duties.
  • The length of each segment was just enough where it wasn’t too much at once.
  • I liked how much information was in the study guide and videos. I learned so much!
  • Short, brief, straight to the point lectures, pictures and diagrams to aid explanations, easy to follow for a novice or recap for experienced users.
  • Informative. Not a robot reading to me.
  • Very easy to understand, instructor had a calm voice that made it easy to take notes.
  • The tank components were covered very well.
  • It addressed the most common causes for UST problems such as ignoring alarms.
  • Small units and frequent break times made it easy for me to know when to stop and rest.
  • Online training is easy and convenient.
  • The course was well-organized.
  • How it got into the more technical aspects of UST and the questions it asked at the end of a lesson.
  • Great information and it’s great you include all the forms.
  • Material was very useful and easy to follow along with. Also the online class was nice so you can go at your own pace as time allows.


July 12, 2023

Need a Cardlock Fueling Safety Video?

We found this great safety training video for Class A/B and C UST operators, who fuel their own vehicles. This can be useful for a cardlock commercial retail or a private fleet fueling operation.

This is a great compliment for any Class A/B or C UST operator training. Enjoy.


July 12, 2023

Utah Petroleum Marketers Becomes a USTT Affiliate

UST Training is proud to welcome the Utah Petroleum Marketers and Retailers Association (UPMRA) as an affiliate member to provide our online Class A/B and C UST operator training.

Check it out

The Utah Petroleum Marketers & Retailers Association is a non-profit trade association with over one hundred and twenty members, including sixty-eight members directly marketing petroleum products through over 900 locations across the state of Utah.

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July 5, 2023

Large Scale Class C UST Operator Training Solution: License from Us

  • Have a large number of Class C UST operators?
  • Have a large geographic area to cover training?
  • Frustrated with high turnover rates?
  • Have your own in-house company training program?

License our software and and save time, money and effort using our nationally recognized Fueling Station Safety for Class C UST Operators course.


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June 26, 2023

Oregon No Longer Mandatory Full Serve at Gas Stations

This just in from Tracey Anderson, Executive Director of the Oregon Fuels Association:
As many of you already know, the Oregon Legislature made history yesterday in passing House Bill 2426, which will allow the choice of self-service among consumers. It had strong bipartisan support in the Senate with 16 votes in support, 9 votes against and 5 abstentions. To conclude, this bill will be sent to Gov. Tina Kotek for her signature. There are no expected delays in signing from the Governor’s office which will leave New Jersey as the only state in the Union with a ban on self-service. I received an early morning phone call from my counterpart, Eric DeGesaro, at the Fuel Merchants of New Jersey, congratulating us on passing this important piece of legislation.

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Franklin Fueling Zoom webinar now on YouTube

June 8, 2023

In case you missed the May 24, 2023 Zoom webinar by Franklin Fueling, here’s a copy available now on YouTube. Thanks again to Bill and the Franklin fueling team for this great presentation.


June 2, 2023

So Many Ways To Train – Pick Your Best Option

As pioneers in the field of UST operator training, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and make training more relevant and applicable to your particular situation. Here are all of the different ways we can provide training for you:

Learn Savvy.  Our new and improved Learning Management System makes it even easier to get yourself and/or your team trained. Select Class A/B and train through Learn Savvy.

Licensing Class C. Have high turnover and lots of Class C operators? License the course from us and run it on your own LMS. License our Class C course.

Sponsorship. Are you a trade group or association with lots of Class A/B or C operators and want to look like a hero? Become an official sponsor of our training.

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May 8, 2023

Don’t be this UST operator

This tragic story about ignoring alarms used to happen often some years ago, and we here at UST Training hope to see  fewer of these in the future as trained UST operators know how to respond to suspect releases.

State sues gas station over leaky underground tanks

Court documents allege the owner of Cenex in Elgin has released pollutants that pose “significant risk” to both residents and the environment.

ELGIN, Minnesota — The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is suing the owner of a southeastern Minnesota gas station, accusing them of failing to address a fuel leak that polluted soil groundwater while putting both residents and the environment at risk.

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April 25, 2023

Free Webinar May 24th, 2023: Leverage EVO™ Series To Streamline C-Store Operations

Franklin Electric’s EVO™ Series Is More Than Just An ATG
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific Time
Register here

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April 25, 2023

Free Webinar June 14 The ABCs of ATGs

Back by popular demand! We had over 500 signup for our last webinar. Don’t miss it this time.

Everything you needed to know about automatic tank gauges but were afraid to ask.

Class A/B UST operators, as well as UST inspectors, are encouraged to attend this lively and down-to-earth (ABCs) webinar about automatic tank gauges (ATGs).

Ben, Thomas, President of UST Training will share his many years of experience explaining how ATG’s first started, as well as their purpose, functions, and applicability. From the 30,000 foot view all the way down to the programming level, there’s something here for everyone interested in automatic thank gauges. Improve your understanding of automatic tank gauges in one hour, or less, guaranteed!

Wednesday,  June 14, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Register here

Seating is limited to the first 500