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On-Site Training for Remote Locations - UST Training

July 29, 2013

UST at Stehekin Lodge

UST at Stehekin Lodge at the top of LakeChelan, WA

It’s not every day you drive 170 miles to a remote town, to take a half-hour float plane to get to a training site but last week Ben Thomas traveled to the Stehekin Lodge in the North Cascades National Park in Washington state and train the A/B operator who could not otherwise get out to a class during their busy summer season. It is probably one of the more remote regulated USTs in the lower 48.

UST at Stehekin Lodge

The UST system pumps fuel to a vehicle dispenser to the left and to the marina dispenser on the right.

UST at Stehekin Lodge

The tank itself is beneath the tour bus. Had to wait for the bus to leave to do the training on the tank top.

Most days Ben’s training is in front of a computer so it was a nice change to fly over Lake Chelan and touch down at a small resort village that has a lodge, general store, a few tour buses, vehicle and marina dispensers, and, of course, a UST system. Many of you know that live training is always best and lifting a lid by hand is always better than using a PowerPoint slide to create the same effect. So the training was concise, site-specific and ultimately most meaningful to the operator who only needed to know the UST rules as they apply to his site.

If your company or organization is interested in learning about custom Class A/B or C UST operator training, give Ben a call. He may not be able to fly out to your remote site, but you never know. Call 360-321-4776 or email him today.
















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