How does the reseller program work?
It’s easy. Your company sets up a user account with our e-commerce vendor,, and applies to UST Training to become an authorized reseller. Approved applicants are provided HTML script to insert into their website. This creates a purchase button link to our online shopping page. Every course sold generates a 30% share for the reseller. We do all the accounting online and you can withdraw funds any time you like.

What is Class C UST Operator Training? Class C operator training is a new rule in most states that requires owners of UST systems to ensure their staff are trained to respond to emergencies at UST systems.

How much does your Class C Training Course cost? The course is $12.95 per person. Multiple user discounts are available: see table above. Higher discounts are available for large companies. Contact Usor more information.

What does training involve? Participants take our interactive video course on-line. After successfully passing the final exam the attendee is e-mailed a certificate of completion to be printed. The operator also fills out a provided state-specific worksheet after class to make sure they understand site-specific conditions and their company policies.
The course takes about 30 minutes to complete.

When is training offered? Anytime. The course is taken on demand and is available 24/7.

What are the computer requirements? Not much. A computer with high-speed Internet, Flash Player (free download), and computer speakers.

Who is UST Training? We are a nationally recognized team of UST experts who’ve trained operators, inspectors and technicians for many years. Our staff and associates have direct experience in training, regulation writing, code and reference consulting, legal research, outreach and tank testing. Meet the UST Training staff.

Is this Class C Training course approved? Yes, our course is approved or accepted in most states and the list of growing. Note that a few states do not approve third party vendors. UST Training plans to be approved in most states by the national deadline.

What about large companies with thousands of Class C operators? UST Training offers software-leasing with extra saving for large clients and a finder’s fee for resellers who bring them to our attention.

Where do I get more information? Call us at 866-301-8265 or email us at