California UST Operator Training Rules

Rules Adopted.

California SWRCB adopted operator training rules in 2004, where the Class A/B operator is called the Designated Operator (DO) and the Class C operator is called the UST Employee.  All DOs must be certified through the International Code Council or ICC every two years. DOs also perform a detailed monthly on-site inspection and provides first time on-site training to UST employees. Deadline in effect now.

Designated Operator (DO)
DO’s must take and pass a certification exam by the International Code Council or ICC. Training to prepare for the exam is optional but recommended. We usually refer California DO’s to Tait Environmental Services who prepare folks for the ICC final exam with an online preparatory course.

UST Employee:        
Our UST Employee REFRESHER training, once approved, will meet the minimum SWRCB requirements for UST employees who have been trained prior in person with a practical UST equipment demonstration. This training cannot be used for first time training. For a refresher training update contact us.

See the California State Water Resource Control Board UST Program web page for more information.