New York UST Operator Training Rules

Rules adopted in 2015.

Tank owners and operators of existing facilities subject to the operator training requirements had to designate their authorized Class A, Class B, and Class C Operators by October 11, 2016. Facility owners or their authorized representatives had to identify the Class A and Class B Operators on their registration application forms and submit them to DEC (postmarked) no later than October 11, 2016. An operator or tank system owner may designate multiple Class A and/or Class B Operators but the facility owner or their authorized representative will only designate a single Class A and single Class B Operator on the facility registration/license (the “primary” operators). If the primary operators change, the facility owner/designee must update the information with DEC.

Class A/B:
NY requires all Class A/B operators take and pass a mandatory exam of minimum competency. However, NY DEC also allows certification from certain other states by reciprocity. Learn more here.  Here is a study guide for NY Class A/B operators to prepare for the exam.

Class C:
Our New York Class C online course is available and considered acceptable in New York.

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