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remote monitoring Archives - UST Training

March 29, 2019

More Funny Videos from Canary

Humor is a great way to engage users about important ideas and our friends at Canary Compliance have a number of short video clips about why ignored ATG alarms are bad and how remote monitoring can help. We also believe good Class A/B UST operator training can inspire people to be smarter with alarm response.

Check them all out here.

November 13, 2017

What does a suspected release mean? Lessons from a recent UST explosion

Recently in Chicago, a suspected leaky UST system caused fugitive fuel vapors to travel over a mile through a city sewer line and catch fire, causing injury and damage. See the news clip here.

Our friends at Canary Compliance wrote a thoughtful blog post about the importance of alarm response and how remote alarm monitoring can help reduce missing critical alarms.

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