Veeder Root Links to Tank Savvy Minute

May 25, 2020

Veeder Root Links to Tank Savvy Minute

Veeder Root, the largest manufacturer of automatic tank gauges (ATGs) in the US, has linked to our Tank Savvy Minute videos on their web page. How cool is that? See Ben Thomas doing his widely watched videos about the Veeder Root TLS 350.

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May 7, 2019

12 Things You Might Not Know About Us

How well do you know your training company? Did you know these twelve things? Read on!

1. The training you took is always available. Once you have an online account with us, it’s available forever. So when you buy, say, a Class A/B online course, you can come back to review your course as often as you like. And there’s no cost to review or reprint a certificate or handout.

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March 28, 2019

Mascott Equipment Now Provides Our Online Class A/B And C UST Operator Training

Our good friends at Mascott Equipment Company in Portland, Oregon now provide links to our online Class A/B and C UST operator training for UST operators in Oregon, Washington Alaska and Idaho. Check it out!

UST Training and Mascott have worked closely together since 2004, when we offered live Class A/B training in Oregon at the Mascott office in downtown Portland. Of late, Mascott has posted our Tank Savvy Minute videos on YouTube. Also check out the new and improved Mascott web page at


December 5, 2018

UST Training by the Numbers

2018 – What an amazing year we had:

  • Our 15th Anniversary: 2003 highlighted the first ever state-approved Class A/B UST course in the nation in Portland, Oregon.
  • Almost 10 years ago: in 2009 we launched the first ever-state approved online Class A/B and C courses for Colorado, then Wisconsin and West Virginia.
  • 6 years ago: in 2012 we joined up with our host Coggno, to greatly expand the delivery of our online courses.
  • Today: We offer 54 state- and Territory-specific Class C UST operator training courses.
  • Today: We have 13 state-specific Class A/B UST operator classes. We also link to the remaining states and offer our next best choice for training, even when it’s not us.
  • Today: We offer the nation’s only commercially available Class A/B and C UST operator training courses for Indian Country.
  • An amazing 30,660 individuals received certificates of completion for Class A/B and C UST operators from our partner Coggno since 2012.
  • Several Thousand individuals received live Class A/B and C certificates issued nationwide in over a dozen states since 2003.
  • Over 500,000 Class C certificates have been issued nationwide from our major lease clients and resellers.
  • 7,800 folks are currently subscribed to our UST Training News Newsletter.
  • Almost 38,000 visitors came to our web page since January.
  • Over 1,700 folks received UST Resource Bundles over the last five years.
  • We’ve logged 300,700 total hits on our Tank Savvy Minute videos on YouTube since 2012.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who helped make this a super successful year!

November 14, 2018

Tank Savvy Minute Videos: 307,500 Views and Counting

Another milestone in the history of UST Training’s efforts to bring useful information to the UST community. As of today, we’ve logged over 300,000 views of our Tank Savvy Minute videos on YouTube since 2011. To be specific:

  • 268,497 minutes of watch time
  • 748 subscribers

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Tank Savvy Minutes Now on Vimeo

April 5, 2018

UST Training’s Tank Savvy Minute videos are now on another video sharing web page: Vimeo. We’ve had some feedback over the years that some UST operators don’t have access to our Tank Savvy Minutes because of office restrictions on YouTube. So we decided to publish them on Vimeo as well. Share with your friends and feel free to embed the videos on your own page to train your Class A/B and C UST operators.

Welcome to Tank Savvy from Ben Thomas on Vimeo.

December 18, 2017

The Making of a Tank Savvy Minute

Notes from the field…

Making a one-minute training video at a real live gas station sounds easy but there’s plenty that can and usually does go wrong in the field when the camera starts to roll. Our Tank Savvy videos are shot on location to give each clip the “this is totally real” feeling. However, lighting, ambient noise, discovering wrong or broken equipment, busy foot and car traffic, loud c-store customers, and the periodic unexpected surprise all makes for very fluid working conditions.

I’ve had deer walk into the shoot, loud traffic from an unloading ferry whiz by, merry drinkers shouts obscenities, a Harley fire up and take off, dogs bark, and homeless man almost ram me with his laden shopping cart.

Recent we shot a series of Tank Savvy Minutes at a very busy gas station in downtown Portland, Oregon. Andrew Knapp and Loren Swalheim of Franklin Fueling Systems approached me at the PEI show in Chicago and the plot was hatched to shoot a series of videos about the Franklin EVO 550.

The fun part about shooting training video is scripting something that is original, helpful and maybe a little playful. Andrew and Ryan fly out, met me and my Portland friend Nick the cameraman, then we spent about a half hour getting me familiar with the EVO 550. Here’s one video from the shoot. More to come soon.

November 8, 2017

UST Service Provider Mascott Links to UST Training

Our old friends at Mascott Equipment Company in Portland Oregon recently informed us they’d revamped their web page and added links to our Tank Savvy Minute videos. Check it out!

Owner and President Bill Mascott has been a great supporter of Class A/B training and has a long and productive history with the Petroleum Equipment Institute. Thanks Bill for helping get the word out!