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UST Training is proud to be using cutting edge technology with down to earth information to ensure our customers receive a high quality training experience. Read what satisfied customers have to say.


“Thanks for your help with getting everyone prepared.  I felt so much more knowledgeable regarding the UST systems—so your training was very timely and helpful.  I think we are on the right track with our maintenance program as well—the main guys doing the work are dedicated and smart—so with some practice, they are going to do great.  I’m much more comfortable with what is happening now.  Part of that is feeling more confident since taking your class—so thank you for that! So glad to know you are right here in Washington State if we ever need help from our UST guru!  J
-Jennifer Kindred, UST Program Manager, Seattle City Light

“You have certainly provided education to many across our industry and provided insight and advice for solutions of many of the issues that have  been problematic for many years.”
-Scott Johnson, Statewide Administrator, Illinois State Fire Marshall

“I’ve been hitting several sites I assumed would be difficult but to my surprise were in compliance and found their level of knowledge and awareness of their UST systems impressive from last inspection. Some even cite this and that from the class etc… Glad to see those folks were listening. Thanks.
-Mike O’Mallan, Guam EPA UST Manager


“The class you put on yesterday was excellent. I can appreciate watching an instructor who is passionate about the subject taught. It makes a huge difference as the student.”
-Washington UST Operator

“Ben, amazing how long you have been working with UST.  I gather you started off investigating releases.  Somewhat in a reactionary mode and you have turned it into a preventive mode. Kudos to you.
My passion with the USTs. I am responsible for is operate the safest systems on a daily basis. Immediately investigate alarms, figure out the problem, take corrective action, and or report to my state agency.
More important is to protect our so important drinking water, our environment, my community, and my Organization. I conduct visual almost daily.  The UST training you have been providing allows me to keep my antennas up. Keep up the good work”
–Colorado UST Operator

“Your commentary is AWESOME, and you explain more than what is just on the slide. I also enjoy being able to pause the program when you give descriptions and pictures, and I can walk out to my tanks and open them to look and be exact on what we have on our site.

I have also been able to verify what is on our site, and your slides with our Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) book that sits in my office, with all of our inspection forms, results, installation, repairs and etc. I have also been able to actually learn what my Veeder Root Machine tells me, and not just use it to print out an inventory sheet every morning telling me how much we have in the tanks themselves!!Your program is AWESOME, and I will be spreading the word about UST Training to my colleagues in AZ with on site fueling stations!!
-Arizona UST Operator

Your class in Portland last week was very informative.  It was a great refresher for me.  We have already instituted new processes and procedures to protect ourselves as well as the environment!
-Oregon Operator

Thanks so much for providing training for our team.  Our team members learned so much from the valuable information you provided.
-Washington Distributor

Thanks again for the class, it was very informative and you were able to keep us all interested at the same time.
-Oregon UST operator


“Was able to do it all from my office. Covered over and above the minimum requirements. Will make me a better operator.”

“Easy to use, good interaction and a patient instructor. Good source of info and websites.”

“Not having to travel, and Ben was great – his personality really comes through even though it was a webinar – refreshing!”

“I sat in my pj’s all day and did not have to leave the house.”

“I didn’t have to leave home.”



For those of you who hadn’t/haven’t met Ben yet — I hold him in the highest regard.  He is a great resource for anything related to storage tanks.  I met him (via phone) about 18 years ago when I first hired on here at Alaska.  He has loads of knowledge and integrity! (and frankly I was quite surprised that your 4-hour tank webinar kept me engaged and awake).
-Jackie Drumheller, Alaska Airlines

“The instructor was VERY good about taking and answering questions and if he didn’t know the answer he was really good about finding the answer for us. He made himself available to us after class and was VERY helpful. The content of the class really applied to what we do in our specific places.”

“Very knowledgeable instructor”

“It was very informative and Ben answered the questions that I needed to know”

“Instructor had an outstanding presentation and had a little humor that kept you interested in the class.”

“I liked how Ben took the time to ask everyone site specific questions and explain procedure based on the site. It was a great course!”



“Good course content and well presented”

“Instructor knowledge and enthusiasm. Frequent breaks helped a lot.”

“Personal attention from the instructor”

“That I did not have to go and sit in a classroom to learn this content.”

“I was able to ask questions, interact with instructor, pretty cool, I actually learned a lot.”

“Straightforward and to the point.”

“I’ve attended many other webinars and this was by far the best. It was as close to a virtual classroom as you could get without actually being in a classroom.”

“Almost constant interaction between class and instructor; clear precise answers; instructor was not condescending to anyone; his presentation was nicely organized and professional”

“Instructor knowledge and experience in both the industry and instructing using web and teleconference tools. Well done!!”


“Ben Thomas and I have worked together for nearly 20 years. First as collaborating UST compliance inspection program managers at the state level, then as co-presenters at the National Tanks Conference, and for the past 3 years collaborating on training materials and testing materials for on-line live and self-paced UST operator training courses. I have also worked for Ben as an on-line instructor for UST Training.

Ben has the enthusiasm, inquiring mind, and indepth knowledge that make him a great instructor and an innovative courseware designer. His ability to build a successful course beginning-to-end is as good as I have seen in my 30 plus years in the teaching and training business.

The times that we have spent together “live” both on-line and in a classroom/auditorium have been some of my most enjoyable teaching moments. UST Training and Ben Thomas are “go-to” people for those looking for UST training and those who want to learn how to do the same..”

–John Kneece, UST & C, former South Carolina UST Program Manager