USTs by the Numbers, or: How is Your Tank Doing?

December 20, 2019

The US EPA recently published its semi-annual report of UST Performance Measures, or “State of the UST Nation” as we at UST Training like to call it. So check out what’s out there, what got inspected, and what was found, nationwide, between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019.

Number Item
546,192 Active Individual USTs
197,000 UST Sites (Approximately)
87,371 UST Inspections
5,375 Confirmed Releases
2% Of All Nation’s UST Had Confirmed Releases
86.6% In Compliance with Operator Training
90% In Compliance with Financial Responsibility
74.3% In Compliance with Walkthrough Inspections
68% In Basic Compliance with Release Detection, Spill/Overfill Prevention and Corrosion Protection
43% In Overall Compliance Including New EPA Test Requirements

A few things stand out.

  • About 2% of all USTs out there were discovered to be leaking. So if you had 100 tank owners in a room together, at least two of them would represent leakers.
  • Compliance with operator training is surprisingly high, almost 87%. Good news! It would seem that folks are getting trained.
  • Compliance on walkthrough inspections is also pretty high. About 3/4 of all sites are having it done. Hopefully your operator training is helping you know how to do it correctly.
  • Compliance with the new testing requirements dropped the nation’s overall compliance from 68% (Basic Compliance) to 43% (Overall Compliance, a full 25% drop. We expected this to happen with some many sumps and other devices to test. Hopefully the number will slowly start to climb once everyone gets onboard with the new testing requirements.

For the full report to see how each state and region did, click here

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