When Shopping for the Best Training Solution

March 7, 2020

When shopping around for the best training solution, what do you look for? Or if you have a current training vendor, are there features you wish you could have but don’t?

Here at UST Training, we continue to improve your training experience from start to finish. Online training companies can provide a number of useful features… but does your provider offer all these?

Here’s what sets us apart

Features UST Training Other Vendors
Buying Purchase with credit card, PayPal or Purchase Order Yes ?
Set up single, small group or large group account Yes ?
Good for 1, 10, 100, or 1,000+ users Yes ?
Easy to add new users to existing account Yes ?
Create and sort custom groups by location, city, etc. Yes ?
Automatic bulk purchase discount at checkout Yes ?
Solution for each and every state Yes ?
License our Class C course and run on your LMS server Yes ?
Taking Easy to navigate user experience Yes ?
Self-Paced: Can start, stop, pause anytime Yes ?
Courses never expire: return anytime and review Yes ?
Designed with UST operators in mind Yes ?
Created by UST experts Yes ?
Down to earth explanation of UST rules Yes ?
All courses state-approved Yes ?
Take on your computer, laptop or tablet Yes ?
Just need Internet and speakers or headphones Yes ?
Learning Not just the requirements: practical advice too Yes ?
Lots of real life UST pictures and examples Yes ?
New regulations always updated Yes ?
Helpful study guide to follow along while learning Yes ?
Lots of bonus handouts Yes ?
Audio narration for improved learning Yes ?
Free video and resource links after class Yes ?
Site-specific learning tools to personalize training experience Yes ?
Tracking Tracks progress of all users (pass, fail, incomplete) Yes ?
Emails certificates upon completion Yes ?
Stores your certificates forever Yes ?
Sort by user, site location or custom field Yes ?
Generates user reports Yes ?
Helping Rapid reply tech support Yes ?
Automatic refresher reminders Yes ?
Free phone/email advice after class about UST regulations Yes ?
Custom solutions available. Just ask! Yes ?

Contact us anytime for a free consultant about what training option is best for you. Contact us at 866-301-8265 or [email protected].

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