Why Us and Not Other Options?

July 12, 2023

Here, UST Training, we try to make our UST content interesting, relevant, and engaging. We think we are the number one choice in the industry, but don’t take it from us: see some recent feedback from our Class A/B UST Operators regarding what they like about our training.

  • Well organized and explained with great visual aids.
  • Easy to follow and very informative.
  • I liked that it was at my pace and that I could go back and review lessons. At time it was hard to get time without distractions and I was able to go back with out losing information.
  • It was easy to understand. I was terrified I wouldn’t understand or pass the course. I started and was able to understand and follow along nicely. I didn’t even have to use my study guide. I was able to retain the information during the exam. Wonderful job.
  • I like the way the course was very clear and easy to understand the content. Ben Thomas spoke to us the way a regular person would.., no tricks.., very informative.
  • It made me realize how much I didn’t know about our fuel system and how important my role in the organization is to ensure that my staff and I are adequately trained and knowledgeable about the system.
  • The lessons and pace were very simple and convenient. The explanations of different technical elements of UST systems were well thought out and very clearly explained.
  • I like that it was just very straightforward, had good examples, and Emphasized common issues. The format was easy to digest, easy to follow along with the audio. I also chose your company since you’re not some giant national company. I really like the ability to start and stop lessons at my own pace, especially since I had to balance it with other duties.
  • The length of each segment was just enough where it wasn’t too much at once.
  • I liked how much information was in the study guide and videos. I learned so much!
  • Short, brief, straight to the point lectures, pictures and diagrams to aid explanations, easy to follow for a novice or recap for experienced users.
  • Informative. Not a robot reading to me.
  • Very easy to understand, instructor had a calm voice that made it easy to take notes.
  • The tank components were covered very well.
  • It addressed the most common causes for UST problems such as ignoring alarms.
  • Small units and frequent break times made it easy for me to know when to stop and rest.
  • Online training is easy and convenient.
  • The course was well-organized.
  • How it got into the more technical aspects of UST and the questions it asked at the end of a lesson.
  • Great information and it’s great you include all the forms.
  • Material was very useful and easy to follow along with. Also the online class was nice so you can go at your own pace as time allows.


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