1984: The Beginning of UST Awareness

January 4, 2017

In August of 1984, the TV show 60 Minutes ran what would become the story that woke America to the hazards of unregulated UST systems.  Today UST operators, and anyone downstream of a UST system, have much to be thankful for when this show blew the lid off what would become “the environmental issue of the ’80s.”

If you need any appreciation as to how far we’ve come as an industry, this story (with its impacted elders, its lack of of science, its evasive executives) illustrates the evolution of risk management of an entire sector of society. Starting with denial, then assessment, then awareness, and now, today: of course, ongoing education, in part through the efforts of myself and thousands of UST professionals nationwide. Enjoy this awesome piece of historical perspective.

And be on the lookout for UST legend Warren Rogers, who I knew only briefly but am indebted to for all he did for detecting leaking USTs.


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