30-Day Walkthrough UST Inspection Forms Now Available

April 26, 2018

Starting October 13 of this year, many states will now require for the first time an ongoing 30-day walkthrough inspection. And the remaining states either already require the periodic inspection or will make it mandatory shortly.  And like with many things in the UST world, each state has a slightly different form to document proof that the inspection was completed. So if you’re UST operator in many states, where do you get all those forms?

In order to help Class A/B UST operators nationwide, we’ve created a list of all states with 30 Day Walkthrough Inspection Forms. Follow this link, find your state, and download the form or forms you need. The first thing you’ll notice is that lots of state forms aren’t there. Yet. If your state is not on the list, stop by for updates as we will be adding forms as they become available. In case we missed one, and if you know of another state form out there, please let us know and we’ll update our list.

Here at UST Training’s free Resource Library, we like to keep you current on useful UST documents. So for this new initiative, we scoured the web and contacted all state UST agencies to create a list of each state’s 30-day form. The Federal rule allows you to use existing forms like PEI’s RP 900, but more and more states are creating their own form.

UST Training has been providing RP 900’s Monthly UST Inspection form as part of our Class A/B courses since 2008. And Ben Thomas was on the committee that updated The 30-Day Walkthrough Inspection: What’s Not to Love?

Needless to say, we think the new rule is a good one.

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