Advanced UST Classes Available

May 13, 2015

10tipspictureAre you a UST operator that goes above and beyond the call of duty? Are you interested in knowing the inner workings of UST systems as well as best available management practices? At UST Training we offer some advanced training that might interest you.

  • 11 Tips for Improved UST Compliance (online class). Want to learn more about being an effective UST operator? UST Training now offers a self-paced online course for advanced Class A/B operators or for anyone who wants to deeper their knowledge about being the best operator you can be. This half-hour course walks Class A/B operators through 11 ideas how to improve your operational compliance for your UST system. Learn from UST experts how to stay ahead of the compliance curve and stay out of trouble. This course comes with bonus handouts and links for advanced UST operators. Buy now! $19.95 for unlimited views.


  • Advanced Class C Training. (live class, taught by UST Training Staff or Qualified Class A/B UST Operator) UST training has developed a 2-hour live Class C UST course for those who want to offer more in-depth content. The course is offered live and can be customized to meet your company’s internal standards and policies. Contact us about scheduling and pricing.


  • Understanding Automatic Tank Gauges. (live class, taught by UST Training staff) UST Training offers an in depth, hands-on class for those who want to better understand automatic tank gauge systems. This course is aimed at increasing competency and awareness of Class A, B and C UST operators to reduce or eliminate leaks, violations and downtime. Learn how to operator your tank monitor, query it for information, understand alarms, keep great records, and know all the do’s and dont’s of your tank monitor. Training happens in the classroom as well as in the field with real live ATGs. Contact us about scheduling and pricing.

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