An Important Message from EPA’s UST Director Carolyn Hoskinson

July 26, 2018

Dear UST Community:

Are you ready!?  October 13, 2018, which is only 11 weeks away, is the deadline for meeting the remaining underground storage tank (UST) requirements in the 2015 revised UST regulation.  Key takeaways about the compliance deadline are: 

  • UST owners and operators in Indian country and in states, territories, and the District of Columbia (collectively referred to as states) without UST state program approval (SPA) must meet remaining 2015 federal UST requirements on or before the FEDERAL deadlines.
  • States with state program approval must re-apply by October 13, 2018 if they wish to retain program approval status.
  • UST owners and operators in states with program approval must continue to follow their states’ requirements, which may be different from the 2015 federal UST requirements.

I acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated effort and remarkable work by state, territorial, and tribal UST programs; owners and operators; testers; and others in the UST community who have made significant progress in meeting the October compliance deadline.  Although some may still have more to do, collectively we have made much progress to date.  For more information about the October compliance deadline, see EPA’s UST website

As always, I am extremely grateful for your attention to and help with keeping our environment safe from petroleum UST releases.  Please share your ideas or feedback on what EPA can do to help everyone achieve compliance; contact me or Tony Raia ( or 202-566-1021) of my staff.

  • Carolyn


Carolyn Hoskinson, Director

Office of Underground Storage Tanks, US EPA

202-564-2564 or

Twitter: @EPAland

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