Another Example of Why Folks Prefer Online Learning

May 1, 2020

We love chatting with our Class A/B and C UST operators. Here’s an example of what we chat about everyday.

Hello, do you have any questions about UST Training?


Hi Ben! I am interested in Class A/B training for Louisiana and Mississippi for my role within environmental management for our company. Do you know if they are providing any virtual training (instead of in person) currently? I am also curious if there is any reciprocity between LA and MS for class a/b.

Ben Thomas

Hi Lauren. I’m pretty sure there’s not reciprocity between Louisiana and Mississippi. Sorry. Funny I was just talking to the folks at the Louisiana DEQ before the pandemic and trying to convince them that online training was better. I haven’t heard of anything as an online substitute in Louisiana unfortunately.


It would be so helpful if they’d move to that platform! Thanks for the info. I will keep watching LDEQ for updates. While I have you, do you know about Mississippi training?

Ben Thomas

Big time helpful. Yes we have an online approved AB and C training course.


Perfect! I’ll run it past management and hopefully go through with the MS training for now.Thanks again for your help!

Ben Thomas



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