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Be Safe When Filling Up Your Gas Cans This Spring - UST Training

March 15, 2013

Now that the warm weather is returning, be careful when you fill up your lawnmower’s little red gas can at your favorite local gas station. Did you know it’s not safe to fill the can in back of your car or truck? Of course you do because if you’re reading this you’re probably a Class A, B or C operator. But not everyone knows about gas station safety including your customers or staff. Last weekend I was at a local gas station and saw a number of customers filling up, obviously excited to mow the lawn, but one of them was filling up in the back of his truck: a big non-no.

What the problem? An unsecured plastic gas can in your vehicle can generate static electricity while moving around on carpet or a truck bed liner. If you arrive at a gas station with an electrically charged gas can, you run the risk of starting a fire when you touch the nozzle tip to the can.

Remember: Always fill portable containers on ground. Never fill them in or on a vehicle.


Other things to know:

  • Never get back in your car while fueling up. You can create static that way too.
  • Never smoke while filling up.
  • Never let kids help you fill up–the vapors are bad for them.
  • Never jam something in the hold down latch when filling up.

What about cell phones? There is actually no formal proof that cell phones have caused fires at gas stations. The stories we know about involve a cell phone-chatting person getting back in the car while filling up and generating an electrical charge while rubbing against the seat cover. Still, please give the fill up your undivided attention and don’t be distracted on the phone in case you need to respond to a problem.

Want to see some YouTube videos about folks who didn’t know these safety tips? Check it out our UST Training YouTube page

Bottom line: Make sure your Class C UST operators are trained to be on the lookout for unsafe filling practices and are instructed how to alert dispenser users to be safe while filling up those little red cans.

Thanks and have a safe spring!

Ben Thomas

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