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Ben Thomas Joins PEI RP 900 Committee - UST Training

November 20, 2015

rp900Ben Thomas of UST Training is honored to have been recently selected to join the Petroleum Equipment Institute’s RP 900 Committee. If you’re one of our Class UST A/B operators, you’ll recognize PEI’s RP 900 Recommended Practices for the Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems as major focus of our Class A/B UST training. We’ve been offering the inspection checklists found in RP 900 and have heavily referenced the standard in all our training starting in 2009. Since then we’ve offered these checklists to literally thousands of operators as a suggested way to stay ahead of the compliance curve.

Now the document is being amended in part to more consistent with the the new EPA rules. The Recommended Practice was first published in 2008 so the practices themselves predate the new Federal rules by a number of years. Starting in 2018 the new Federal rules will be requiring states to adopt monthly walk-through inspections, the backbone of RP 900. Changes to RP 900 will bring regulatory consistency for folks doing (or about to start doing) daily, monthly and annual UST inspections.

Ben Thomas is excited to bring his years of operator training experience to the committee to represent those who will use the standard the most: namely Class A/B and C UST operators. Ben is humbled to sit alongside a group of distinguished national UST experts to make this essential standard even better. Stay tuned for details.

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