Ben Thomas of UST Training to Lead SIGMA Maintenance and Environmental Share Group

January 17, 2023

Ben Thomas, President of UST Training, has been selected to lead the SIGMA group on Maintenance and Environmental issues.

SIGMA is America’s Leading Fuel Marketers national trade association representing fuel marketers and convenience store chain retailers in the United States and Canada. Their  approximately 260 corporate members command nearly 50 percent of the petroleum retail market, selling approximately 80 billion gallons of motor fuel each year.

The overall goal of SIGMA’s Maintenance and Environmental Share Groups is to use focused discussions to create synergy and develop ideas that can benefit SIGMA members, which ultimately benefits the UST industry in general.

According to Ben, “I’m extremely honored to have been chosen to lead this Share Group. I’m looking forward to sharing my networking history and facilitating some exciting discussions about contemporary UST maintenance and environmental issues facing SIGMA members.”

Ben will be leading the Maintenance and Environmental Share Group meeting in San Antonio Texas September 12th and 13th. Topics from some exciting guest speakers include:

  • Safety Concerns with More Inspections
  • Increasing Ranks of Service Providers
  • Dealing with Parts Shortages and Distributions Issues
  • Water in Tanks: Preventing and Dealing with the Aftermath
  • Tech to Monitor Tanks – Records, Upkeep, and More
  • OSHA Regulations – Updates Post Pandemic
  • Risk Management – Insurance and Preparation for Incidents

Contact Ben if you’d like more information.

If you are attending SIGMA events make sure to look for Ben and say hi.

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