Class C Training: Thinking Long Term

May 14, 2012

We’re getting tons of calls and emails from UST owners these days looking for how best to meet the August 8, 2012 training deadline. With less than 90 days to go, it seems like this assignment has moved to the top of many to-do lists.

For larger size companies, training dozens, hundreds and even thousands of Class C operators is a daunting task. Who needs training? How to you track them? What paperwork is needed after class? The question that’s not being asked is: “what do I do after the deadline?”

The question is important for new hires and those replacing trained Class C operators. For now, UST owners have until August 8 to train. After the deadline, a new Class C operator must be trained before assuming duties. That means a UST owner needs a plan for new employees including some orientation training on the first day.

Some ideas to get ready to manage the post-deadline universe:

  • Always know who in your company will be the C operator.
  • Always make sure you have 24 hour trained coverage if the UST facility is continuously managed.
  • Always have a tracking system for certificates and handouts.
  • Always have your certificates handy in case a state inspector shows up and asks for them.
  • If your state requires a periodic refresher, come up with a plan and put it on your office calendar.
  • Always have a training program ready for day one for new employees.

We’ve made some recent improvements to our Class C courses that offer more flexibility and ease of tracking for those who purchase quantities of Class C licenses. learn more

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