Class C UST Operator Training: Approved Versus Acceptable

August 5, 2011

We often get calls about whether our Class C course is approved by a state UST agency. Sometimes the answer is yes but often the answer is murky, regulatory speaking. While a few states have specific authority to determine if a third party’s Class C course meets the requirements of that state (CO, DC MD), a large number of states either don’t approve third party solutions (CA, WY) or leave it up to the operator to decide if the vendor’s product meets state requirements (many states). This puts the burden on the shoulder of the operator while shopping for a third party vendor. Many states simply tell us that the operator is best suited to decide if the vendor’s training content meets for the rules.

In states where we consider our Class C course to have met the rules and there is no approval authority, we declare our course to be “acceptable.”


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