Class C UST Training: Approved or Not?

July 6, 2016

Class-C_courseWith New York recently joining the states who now have UST operator training rules, the question comes up again about approval of Class C UST operator training. Do states require Class C operator training approval?

The short answer is that most states, New York included, do not approve third party training vendors or training content. Notable exceptions are Georgia, Nebraska, and West Virginia, where UST owners can only use Class C training that is state approved.

The rest of the states either allow vendor training as an option or don’t approve any third party vendors.

And a few states do not allow online training at all, like California where on the Designated Operator (Class A/B) and train and it must be live and on-site.

When you buy training from us, you get a high quality course, state-specific handouts, a complimentary spill response placard and free regulatory advice after class. A number of states have adopted our now common UST “Facility worksheet” form to help Class C operators identify on-site UST safety equipment. We’re happy to see these states use the tools we create to make UST management a collective effort between operators and regulators.

Other benefits include:

  • Friendly down-to-earth tone.
  • Practical advice and tips.
  • Track-able results.
  • Printable certificates.
  • Scale-able to any sized company.

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