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Class C UST Worksheets are becoming the norm - UST Training

May 19, 2016

Class-C_courseWe recently learned that another state, Missouri, has borrowed our idea of providing site-specific worksheets to be filled our after a class C UST operator completes an online course. Other state agencies from Alaska, Ohio, Wisconsin, Arkansas, (and maybe others) have used our idea as a template for their own standards.

We created the concept of a post-training worksheet a few years ago when a number of states raised concern that, while they liked our Class C UST operator training course, there was no site-specific learning. (“Okay, so they know what a shut off switch looks like. Can they find it at their location?”) In response we created the worksheet idea to address these concerns.

How it works: After a Class C operator completes our online course, they print out our site-specific worksheet and review the parts and procedures found at their particular site with their Class A/B operator. Both A/B and C operator sign the document and it goes into the compliance folder. The Class C operator now has general training as well as site-specific knowledge.

So rather than make it just for a few states, we decided to make it a centerpiece for all our Class C courses nationwide. And the idea has taken off. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. We are proud to remain at the leading edge of ideas to help improve UST compliance and see it as the ultimate compliment that a growing number of states use our idea.

The challenge of course is keeping track of states who jump on the bandwagon. We found out about Missouri’s worksheet accidentally and have to update our systems and notify our customers. Does your state use this form and we don’t know it yet? Please contact us and we’ll update our system.



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