Colorado Class A/B Self-Paced Course Now Approved

February 25, 2014

Aviary coggno-com Picture 1UST Training is pleased to announce our Self-Paced Class A/B course in Colorado is now approved and available online. Since 2009, we have offered the course via webinar with the live instructor, Ben Thomas, guiding the class though the material. And we’ve trained a large percentage of Colorado operators that way. The benefit of the webinar for students has been the live interactive feature; the challenge has been carving out the better part of a day to sit through an online class about tanks.

When we wanted to make the jump from live-online to self-paced online, the State of Colorado was concerned that Class A/B operators wouldn’t have the tools to adequately understand what rules applies at each user’s site since every UST system can be different. The compromise was that we at UST Training will be providing a free, after class phone interview so we can help you determine what type of UST system you have and thus know what parts of the training are more relevant to you. The interview is in fact now required. But the phone call is free plus you have the benefit of getting free advice from our senior UST experts. So check it out!

Buy the course here and feel free to contact us with questions about this new training requirement at 866-301-8265 or



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