Corrected Post about Diesel Corrosion in USTs

November 11, 2015

Note: When we published this article last week we incorrectly stated that the corrosion was found in the study was found in steel tanks. The study was actually conducted in fiberglass tanks; and the corrosion was found in the equipment and tank tops. Our apologies for this mistake. Here is the corrected article.

Diesel Corrosion: The Steel Tank Institute (STI) reported some preliminary results of a national study on the impact of corrosion in fiberglass tanks containing diesel. It turns out that the diesel tanks in the study contained trace amounts of ethanol, which is suspected to be the culprit behind rust inside diesel tanks (it’s actually the acids from the breakdown of ethanol). It’s speculated that residual ethanol from E10 gasoline lingers in a tanker truck that is then filled with diesel and transferred into the awaiting diesel tank. So it might not be the diesel fuel itself causing rust to metal parts inside diesel tanks but rather ethanol gasoline contamination in the tanker truck.  The final report should come out later this year.

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