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Correction: Colorado Class A/B Training not suspended - UST Training

January 23, 2014

In our last newsletter we stated that the State of Colorado has suspended Class A/B training pending the outcome of an investigation. This is incorrect. The Colorado OPS is investigating whether to allow self-paced, online training in Colorado because of concerns they have about operators not understanding rules as they apply to their particular sites. We at UST Training were under the impression that the site-specific issue was across the board and affected live classroom, live-webinar and self-paced options as well. We apologize for the misunderstanding that resulted in a number of calls to the Colorado OPS. We’re hoping to automate our Colorado Class A/B course by offering a self-paced version (with interactive, site-specific features) so we’ll update you as soon as we know something. Again, sorry for the confusion. Any concerns please contact Ben Thomas by phone at 866-301-8265 or by email.

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