Creative Ideas for UST Operator Training

May 26, 2021

Online training for doesn’t have to be a boring or lonely exercise.

We recently helped a company set up a Class A/B UST operator training course in a very creative way and we wanted to share this idea to encourage you come up with inventive ways to train your team.

A c-store chain in the Midwest wanted a live class since their group of store managers was coming together for the first time since COVID-19 for a big staff meeting anyway: why not get everyone Class A/B trained on the same trip? But due to schedule conflicts (and cost), we were unable to to offer the class live. So here’s what we came up with. Employees of the company:

  • Purchased a dozen or so self-paced Class A/B courses,
  • Got a classroom at a local community college with enough computers for each person,
  • Watched the self-paced course together and discussed each lesson as they went along.
  • Took the final exam independently, and
  • Invited (and this is the really cool part) a local UST state inspector to come after class and discuss the UST rules.

Don’t think you are limited by time, geography, or even normal training conventions. Think how you can make training work for your company.

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