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Online Training is Easy:

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Why Take It?

It's the Law

Be in compliance by taking state-approved approved training.

It's About Safety

Learn how to recognize hazards and potential leaks and respond to alarms, spills and accidents.

It's Job Security

Learn about risk awareness and stay ahead of the UST compliance curve.

Why Us?

Fast + Easy

Purchase, train, test and certify. It’s 100% online and super convenient so you can use your time wisely.

Real Life Engaging Content

All our courses are interactive, image driven, and narrated by UST experts with real life examples to give you a great training experience.

Learn from the Experts

UST Training is a nationally recognized industry leader and has been training UST operators since 2002.  Learn from the best in the business.

Great handouts

Our courses come with a helpful handouts follow along the lessons and prepare for the final exam. Plus lots of bonus material: helpful links, forms and documents.

News and Resource Library

UST Training maintains one of the best resource libraries out there and it’s free. Check out our newsletters, videos, links, publications and more.

Team Accounts

Need employee tracking as well as training? Train all your staff and keep track of everyone on your team under one convenient group account.

Tank Savvy!

Want to be the best UST operator you can? That means being Tank Savvy. If you take our training, you are automatically Tank Savvy!

Free Advice

Have a compliance question? We like helping you stay out of trouble. Contact us for a free consult or call 866-301-8265.



“You have certainly provided education to many across our industry and provided insight and advice for solutions of many of the issues that have been problematic for many years.” — Scott Johnson, Statewide Administrator, Illinois State Fire Marshall


“Your commentary is AWESOME, and you explain more than what is just on the slide. I also enjoy being able to pause the program when you give descriptions and pictures, and I can walk out to my tanks and open them to look and be exact on what we have on our site.” — Arizona UST Operator


“Was able to do it all from my office. Covered over and above the minimum requirements. Will make me a better operator.” — UST Operator “I sat in my pj’s all day and did not have to leave the house.” — UST Operator


“For those of you who hadn’t/haven’t met Ben yet — I hold him in the highest regard. He is a great resource for anything related to storage tanks. I met him (via phone) about 18 years ago when I first hired on here at Alaska. He has loads of knowledge and integrity! (and frankly I was quite surprised that your 4-hour tank webinar kept me engaged and awake).” — Jackie Drumheller, Alaska Airlines


“I’ve been hitting several sites I assumed would be difficult but to my surprise were in compliance and found their level of knowledge and awareness of their UST systems impressive from last inspection. Some even cite this and that from the class … Glad to see those folks were listening. — Mike O’Mallan, Guam EPA UST Manager


“The UST buddies are the best tribe to belong to and I love being a member of it, even if from afar these days. I agree with Scott about your passion and drive. Those qualities have been contagious to many.” — Jennifer Washburn, EHS Professional, Sunoco “I wanted to let you know I thought you did an awesome job conducting the class …it was very informative and not at all like I thought it was going to be.” — UST Operator “I’m 56 years old and today you taught an old dog new tricks.” –Colorado UST Operator


“Your organization continues to be a welcome resource for tank owners throughout the country in my opinion.  Keep up the good work!” — Zach Hope, Release Prevention Supervisor, State of Colorado “I was out getting something for breakfast this morning and the Trading Post Gas Station was checking their sumps. I was impressed that they were doing it so soon. They said that they enjoyed the training and both of them were excited to start make sure that their facility was in top shape.” — Kelly Wright, UST Inspector, Shoshone- Bannock Tribes “Thank you so much for all this information! Will have to nickname you lifesaver.” — Jennifer Foster


“You and your company have been a real friend to UST operators and owners, state agencies and the environment.  Since the start of training requirements here in Colorado, I and my staff have relied on your ‘UST Training’ to help us get and stay up to speed. Once again your site is a valued tool to help refresh my knowledge.” –Paul Beard, UST Operator, Denver Dept of Public Health and Environment “I reached out to three companies for this training same day I reached out to you. You are the only that responded to date, appreciate the customer service, makes my job easier for sure.” –Washington UST Operator “Ben, your team is Great!! 🙂 The Best in the business!!” — Kevin Feakin, Oregon Class A/B Operator